Monday, September 27, 2010

Time to hide the Peanut M&M's

Monday morning has arrived with a vengeance. Possibly the most hated day of the week (poor Monday), it has not spared me the groggy, drug-out feeling I believe the rest of the world experiences after a weekend. I don't normally put a black mark against this day, but early this morning, Monday decided to start on the wrong foot. With a screaming toddler, who didn't let up for two hours. I am exhausted and when the bright yellow bag of chocolate and peanut happiness found its way into my sons little hands, and thus into my lap, I seriously considered eating them for my breakfast. After all, I completely deserve chocolate for breakfast after my stressful night!

Then, reason sets in. If I eat chocolate for breakfast, how I will feel later? Will I do my yoga or take a nap? Will I wish to write or be a slug and play some Sims 3? Hmmm, let's analyse this. My son is a clinging, screaming me-me right now, having gotten as much sleep as me, only he was doing the wailing, which surely contributes to a significant amount of fatigue on his part this morning. Now a nap during his sleepy-time may help, or it may make me feel like a truck ran over me when I wake up, so yoga probably is best. However, my brain is no shape to write today (can you tell?) and that computer game has been calling my name for a week now... So I could put off yoga altogether too and just game. Oh, I like that idea!

Peanut M&M's, you have won this round. Sorry yoga and writing, I'm taking the day off.