Friday, October 29, 2010

Fit for Teenage Ears

While driving home from Wal-Mart isn't usually an event, tonight it was. Somehow, in between the three miles of our house and the massive chain store, my husband and I went to war (nice war) over what's acceptable music to be heard in our vehicle right now. I had to thank him for giving me something to blog about. His response: he whipped out his phone and said I'm tweeting about it!

How did this happen? It's not like I decided I wanted to listen to some degrading cuss filled rap song or something. Not my style. ;-) No, this happened because My Darkest Days - Pornstar Dancing came on and I cranked that baby up. I managed to get to the lyric about her dress dropping to her legs before silence prevailed. Ah well.

I had to laugh, our son turns thirteen in two weeks. He was just telling us about how he's seen drug use at his school. He knows what a stripper is. He knows what porn is for crying out loud! Didn't matter to my husband though, it was far too 'adult' themed. Sigh. Okay fine. Change the channel too... AC/DC - Shook Me All Night Long. WHAT?! Cause that's far more acceptable??? Hello! My song was about a stripper, dancing on stage, his song is about having SEX all night! This is somehow different?

Now, our oldest is to the age where we're having to start adjusting what we deem as appropriate. We can't keep him under an umbrella for much longer, if at all. We have to start allowing him to listen to fun songs that may be for an older crowd. Cause let's face it, he's getting older and his world isn't exactly innocent. Granted, rated R movies are still out of the question, as are some of the considerably racier songs I listen to. But I wouldn't consider Pornstar Dancing to be all that horrible in the grand scheme of things. Especially not when he's listening to things like Rhianna's Rude Boy on the bus on the way home. That song in my opinion is far worse than a harmless tune about a man who can look but can't touch. Just sayin'. Tweet away honey, I've won this fight.


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