Monday, November 29, 2010

Okay for me but not for him?

Because I design cover art and headers for mainly romance writers, it's no wonder I have some rather risqué images floating around on my system. However, today I downloaded a few that as I'm transferring them from my download file to my stock folder, I realized if my husband was caught with these images, we'd be having some serious words.

Would I feel differently if he were in my position and using them for a professional reason? Of course, since the majority of them are half naked women, I don't think he'll have too big of a deal. In fact, I dare say he might be overjoyed with this knowledge, LOL! But what if I'd gone a different route and downloaded a bunch of half naked men? Which are, let me tell you, considerably harder to find. Well... good ones. Would my excuse of "Honey, it's for work!" have flown?

Am I, in some small way, being a hypocrite by viewing, downloading and storing what can definitely be considered soft core porn... even if it is for work? Yet, even with these thoughts, I can't see myself saying, "Hey honey, I'm doing it, by all means, go pick out some sumptuous babes and have a ball..." Sigh... guess I'll just be the evil one.


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