Monday, November 29, 2010

The Power of a Quartz Heater

While the South isn't known for arctic weather, us Southerners still have rather thin blood, thanks to the balmy hundred degree summer days. So when temperatures drop to the teens or lower in the winter, out teeth are chattering away and our heaters can't keep up to keep us satisfyingly warm. So it's no wonder stores down here have an entire aisle dedicated to individual room heaters.

In my house we have one in each of the bedrooms (except the teens, we wouldn't dare put a heater in there, he has an electric blanket) and the bathroom. They work wonderful. At night we turn the house heater way down and just use the room heaters. I've bought thermal curtains for the main rooms and rugs for our hardwood floors. We're hoping we don't see a $500 power bill this year, like we did last year.

But, this still wasn't good enough for my husband. Who likes to keep it at 70 in the summer and 74 in the winter (someone explain to me this logic. Please). Therefore, when we went to the store for the second time on Saturday, my husband said, "You know, we really need a heater for the living room." I knew, since we'd gone over this earlier in the day, there was no talking him out of this purchase. After carefully viewing all the pro's and con's of each heater and discussing the prices (some of them are really pricey!) we settled on a Quartz heater.

We bring our new warmth generator home, unpack it and set it far out of the reach of the toddler on the other side of the baby gate in the dining room. My husband turns the heater on, fiddles with the settings and then leaves. I continue working on my computer. A little while later our satellite goes out. I look up. No clouds in the sky. That's weird. Change the channel back to the Florida game, which works fine. Well... all but it being the crappy Florida game... Okay, no LSU game for us.

When my husband returns I tell him the LSU channel isn't working. He flips back, it's working fine. Hmmm, okay, must have been a glitch just then. The next day he's sitting on the couch and the satellite goes out again. Since this has been happening off and on all weekend, he finally decides we need to call and figure out what's going on. I hand him the phone and set off to make dinner. When I return a little while later, it's still cutting in and out.

Unable to stand the pixelating screen and warbled audio, my husband tosses me the remote in disgust and heads off to the family room, where the TV is working fine. Then the most peculiar thing happens. The heater clicks off. The TV comes back on. I raise a brow, but think there's no way our heater is effecting the TV. Yet, a half hour later, it comes back on and the satellite starts searching for signal. I call my husband in, who turns the heater on and off, on and off, and each time, the TV goes in and out. He laughs and so do I. What the heck? So he moves it across the room and we try again. Same deal!

Has anyone else experienced this? I tried to search the internet for people having the same issue, and came up empty. Our local channels don't seem to be bothered, just anything over channel 21, LOL! We turn the heater off or pause the show when the fan kicks on and we know we're about to lose reception. But I'd really love to know if there's a way to keep this from happening. Now I need to call the satellite company and cancel our service call. We know what the problem is. It's the heater!



  1. You might ask them for a solution while you have them on the phone.Who knows? Maybe they've heard of this before.

  2. Yeah maybe... I think I'll just get laughed at though. They'll probably think we have tin on heads too.. :-D