Friday, November 19, 2010

Saying Goodbye

Three years ago I opened a blank document and began typing two strong-willed characters set against a plot that had me considering my sanity. I finished them after a year and then had my son. For another year they waited, patiently, to be edited. When I was ready, I opened them again and painstakingly went through the process. Then I gathered the courage and submitted.

I received a request for a revision/resubmit. The changes I'd been asked to do made sense and I could see a stronger story emerge, so I went with them. Took three weeks of non-stop work and another two rounds of intense edits, thanks to crit partners with heavy whips. The torture was worth it. A week after resubmitting, I was offered a contract (woohoo!).

Three days ago I was sent my edits. Since I only had a couple days to get them back, I busted my butt and did them. The husband brought home take out, the baby napped on my lap. Life revolved around me, mine around my edits. But my family was ever supportive and I can proudly say, they're done!

However... as I attached the document to send back, I realized, this was the last time I'd revise their story. Never again would I open it, go back into their life, be with them as their lives fell apart and I helped them pick up the pieces. It was over, time for me to say goodbye and let them venture onto the next stage of their life... out into the world.

I didn't think I'd care, it never occur ed to me that I would be saying goodbye to my own work. I've said goodbye to my characters before, you do at the end of every book, but this was somehow different. I feel as though they're standing there with smiles, happy, waving at me and I just have to walk away and let them be.

So, here's goodbye to you, Alek and Lyndi. On November 22, 2010 the rest of the world will meet you as your story Written in Blood is released. I hope they enjoy their time with you as much as I did. Thanks for the awesome ride.


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