Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas and gifts

As I lay in bed last night I realized... I won't open a single gift this year. You didn't read that incorrectly.

For Christmas we're visiting the in-laws. With gas prices once again on the rise and four mouths to feed on the trip instead of three, the cost of just going to see family blows our usual Christmas budget out the window. Only the boys will be getting gifts this year, and its less than we usually provide. To make it seem less apparent, we're letting them open everything when they get their gifts from my parents (who had to replace their wood-stove and had nothing left over for Christmas either). I know in Florida, they'll get plenty, so I have no guilt, and they are receiving things from us, even if its less.

Yet, I still worry. Despite the fact that the hubs and I have agreed to not give gifts, I'm still bothered that I can't hand him even one box to open. :-( I know he's a little bothered by this too. Not that he won't open anything, but that he can't give me a gift either. So I told him that for Christmas I'd like to go the beach for the day. Our youngest has never been, and while he may hate the sand and the cold water, I still want to take him. I adore the beach. I'd like a day where I can stay as long as I want and my husband doesn't complain or rush us to leave. To me, that's actually the perfect gift. But he hasn't voiced what I can do for him in place of opening a present. I've decided being the model wife while he hunts with his brother (which means my butt is getting up before the sun rises. *gulp*) can be what I do for him.

My in-laws are taking us to ICE! as our Christmas present and I'm so excited! When my MIL showed me the pictures from when they went last year, I told her I wanted to go. But, she didn't have the time off to take us during the week and for all of us to go on a weekend is considerably more expensive. They offered to give the experience as a gift and I said yes, of course!

So I suppose you could say for Christmas this year, my presents are too big to wrap. After all, how is my husband going to wrap the beach and how are my in-laws going to wrap ice sculptures? I think I did pretty good this Christmas, even if I already know what I'm getting. I'll let you know how it all turns out. ;-)


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  1. Hubby and I hardly ever give each other gifts so anything, so I'm used to it. Have a safe trip!