Monday, January 31, 2011

All Things Romantic Suspense: Interview #4 - Leanne Dyck

Hello everyone! Please give a big welcome to Leanne Dyck! Now, I have to admit, I've been very curious about your romantic suspense novel, The Sweater Curse. How did you come up with a suspenseful novel based around a heroine who knits? It's so unique!

Throughout my entire life I’ve been courted by two passions—knitting and writing. I began writing knitting-themed fiction in 2005. A year later, I self-published an audiobook short story collection of knitting-themed fiction. That same year, I started writing The Sweater Curse.

Did you find your heroine's career a challenge for the plot?

Not at all, for you see, I was a knitwear designer. My knitting design career began in August 2002 and ended with the publication of this book.

How much research went into this novel or did you rely more on personal experience?

I relied, almost entirely, upon personal experience.

As with all our wonderful and amazingly talented cohorts in crime, you write romantic suspense. Why?

The Sweater Curse is heavy on suspense and light on romance. Thrillers are one of my favourite genres to read—what you like to read, you like to write. Or, at least that’s how it works for me.

Is that your only genre? If so, why have you decided to stay there? If not, what made you venture on to different genres?

Currently, I’m writing a YA adventure. I dance when my muse says dance.

To date, what has been the hardest challenge for you to overcome in your writing career?

I’m dyslexic. So, you may think I would cite my disability as a challenge. However, over the years I have developed ways and means to help me cope with my disabilities. Three of the groups of people that help me cope are having critique partners, beta readers and a team of editors.

Now I view dyslexia as an advantage more than a liability.


Well, among other gifts, dyslexia drives me to create and allows me to look at life in a unique way.

So, what is my hardest challenge? Marketing. Though the more time I spend promoting my work the more I enjoy it.

What is your inspiration for weaving tales?

Inspiration surrounds me in abundance. I find it in what I see, hear, touch, read and dream.

And lastly, what is your biggest pet-peeve that you find in other's writing? J

My two biggest pet-peeves in the books I read are lazy editing and telling, not showing.

Thank you so much for stopping by, Leanne! Please tell everyone where they can find out more about you:,

Please come back tomorrow for an excerpt from Leanne's suspsense filled novel, The Sweater Curse.



  1. Great interview, Leanne and Elaina. Looking forward to your excerpt:-)

  2. Thank you, Ursula and Elaina. It was so much fun visiting and I'm looking forward to visiting again tomorrow.

  3. That so cute, Leanne, that your blog name is The Sweater Curse! :-) I'm looking forward to tomorrow too!