Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Joys of the Digital Age

We took a long, much needed vacation to Florida for Christmas to see family. We hit two birds with one stone, staying and enjoying our time with family, while still getting out and doing things. We went and saw ICE! at the Gaylord Palms resort, went to Busch Gardens for free since my husband is in the military (they have an awesome program for military families, please check it out if you're in the military!), and went to North Beach for our youngest's first beach trip!

When we came home, I sat down and inserted the card into my computer from the camera. 588 images then proceeded to load! Only around ten weren't any good. And while many of them won't even see the true light of day, living solely on my laptop and on the internet for friends and family to see, I realized how much this would have cost us eight years ago, when digital camera's were still in their infancy. I did the math. We would have needed twenty five, yes 25, rolls of film to capture all the memories we did with our digital camera. That would be what, 8 boxes at around $10 a box, so $80 in film alone. Not to mention the $7 to print each roll, so $175 just to print the pictures to see them!

Now, granted, we wouldn't have taken so many pictures with a regular camera. So think of how many memories or neat images we missed out on before the digital age! Not only that, but my husband snapped pictures on his phone and was constantly sending them to my parents back home. They were able to see us ice skating, inside a city made of ice and smile at the wonder on their grandson's little face as he picked up his very first sea shell. Oh yes, I'm definitely in love with technology and so grateful for it!



  1. My daughter couldn't live without our digital camera since she has to take at least two or three pictures of herself a day!

  2. Ahahahahaa! Yeah, that'd be the worst. Going to print your pictures and they're all self-taken portraits. :P