Sunday, January 9, 2011

Suspenseful 7 Sentence Sunday

Along with several other authors of S7SS, I'm embarking on an adventure to tease you with seven suspenseful sentences each Sunday. *rubs hands together*

Let the torture begin!

From what story: Written in Blood
Status: Published

Seven Suspenseful Sentences:

Too scared to scream, Lyndi bolted back toward the elevator. A single ding alerted her the doors would begin closing. Rushing through the diminishing space, she made sure to keep anything from touching the sensitive panels. Heart in her throat, she slammed her fist into the Close Doors button.
She heard the man sprinting down the hall. His hand reached out. Lyndi continued to punch the button, hoping against hope the doors would close faster, before he could get to them. When they clunked shut, she sagged against the wall, heart racing.

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