Monday, February 21, 2011

All Things Romantic Suspense: Interview #7 - Chris Redding

Hello, all! I'd like to welcome romantic suspense author, Chris Redding to my blog today!

Before we get started, please tell us a little about you, Chris –

I’m a tall, leggy blonde member of Mensa. Cough cough. Oh that’s in my fantasy. You want the real me. Ahem.

I live in New Jersey with my husband and two kids, one dog and three rabbits. I was born and bred in the suburbs of Philadelphia. I graduated from Penn State with a degree in Journalism and worked a total of one job in my major. When I’m not writing a work part time for the best boss in the world at my local hospital.

I just have to ask (sorry!), the way you spell your name, do you get mistaken as a male Chris often online?

I’ve been accused of having a set of −oh, that’s not what you meant.

I actually use Chris on purpose. Because what I write tends to be a little bit darker, I figured I could appeal to a broader audience with a more androgynous name.

I read on your website that you're writing a romantic comedy, I am too! Have you found the switch to that sub-genre difficult after writing romantic suspense?

Funny thing happened on the way to writing the romantic comedy. A dead body. I just can’t seem to write anything without one of those showing up. I’m worse than Jessica Fletcher on Murder She Wrote. So I haven’t really switched genres, just put a little more humor in the genre I do write in.

What made you decide to step out of the suspense genre?

See above answer. Actually, I was in a time in my life I needed to laugh so I made myself laugh by writing the rom com.

As with all our very talented cohorts in crime, you chose to write, or started writing, romantic suspense, why?

I love a happy ending. It’s that simple. Besides, I find it easier to write with the male/female dynamic in mind. It’s ready made conflict. I can’t write and just have one plot line. There has to be more than one. I think it’s ADD on my part.

What's your biggest writing weakness? Does it change with each story, or is it something you always struggle with and how do you overcome it?

Description. In my first drafts, my characters are naked in no-man’s land. I’ve learned to layer in the descriptions in subsequent drafts. I’m teaching a course about it in May for . It’s called: Layering: Not Just for Cakes.

What's your biggest pet-peeve that you see in other writers?

Oy, their men have no, well, the parts that make them men. They are often women who shave their faces. I know they are romance heroes, but there are many examples of men in real life, who are romantic heroes, without compromising their manhood. I married one so I know.

When/where does inspiration usually strike you the most often?

As I am waking up in the morning. That seems to be a really creative time for me. I love to wake up before the alarm and just lay there and let my mind wander.

What's the best piece of advice you give a new writer receiving their first rejection?

Put it aside for a week. Then analyze it. Can you learn something from it? If it’s a form, why do you think you got a form letter? Then move on.

Thank you so much, Chris, for stopping by, please tell us where we can learn more about you: (Yes 3 d’s. The third one is for “Duh, I didn’t check my spelling.)

Please be sure to stop back by tomorrow to check out an excerpt on Chris Redding's Romantic Suspense - Incendiary



  1. Too funny. I'd hate to see the two of you in a room together.

  2. Yes, I had fun with this interview. :-D

    Thanks for stopping by, Chris and Jerri!

  3. Excellent interview, Elaina ~ I really enjoyed it. Chris, I think you'd write a fine rom com!

  4. Thanks you so much for stopping by and checking it out, Ursula!