Tuesday, February 15, 2011

All Things Romantic Suspense: Rachel Brimble - Searching for Sophie

As promised (albeit a little late, sorry!) here's a peek at Rachel Brimbles Romantic Suspense, Searching for Sophie.

Book Specifics -
Genre - Romantic Suspense
Length - Novel (65k)
Heat Level- 3 (Sensual)
Sexual Orientation- M/F
Content Warnings-


Harbouring the secret pain of giving up her daughter for adoption thirteen years
ago, Melanie Royal has hidden herself in the quiet role of Head Librarian in
Layley Hill. But then a crazed admirer rips her daughter from a loving home and
Melanie is thrown into a race against time to save Sophie’s life.

When Detective Inspector Kieran Joseph is put in charge of finding a missing
thirteen year old girl, it evokes buried mistakes that he’d vowed never to repeat
– and so he’ll be suspicious of everyone this time, including the girl’s sexy and
achingly beautiful mother, Melanie Royal.


The peace of the November afternoon was shattered as an arm wrapped

around Sophie’s neck in a suffocating grip. Fear rose and flooded her body. She

clawed at his forearm, desperately trying to find some oxygen to fill her lungs. Her

mother’s voice rang in her ears. How many times have I told you not to walk home

from school through those lanes?

He wrenched her neck back and she stared wide eyed at the clear blue sky

above her. Why was this happening? What had she done?

Masses of tiny black dots danced in front of her eyes and her heart was beating

so fast, she felt death looming above her like a dark and menacing phantom.

“Hello, Sophie. We’re going for a little ride,” he whispered, his breath warm

against her ear.

“You just be a good girl and everything will be all right, okay?”

The dots scattered left and right when he changed position and dragged her

backwards. Her shoes scuffed up the gravel on the path as she fought to dig her heels

into the ground. She twisted her neck right and left, anything to get away. He

momentarily eased his hold and she let out a piercing scream.

“Oh, dear, you naughty girl. What did I just say?” His strong hands gripped

her neck and he spun her around to face him. His eyes were an incredible cobalt blue,

piercing and cold. So very, very cold.

“You give me no choice, Sophie.”

He pulled her into a headlock and pushed a cloth onto her face. The smell that

filled her mouth and nose was metallic, bitter and overwhelming. She tried to fight it

but then her eyelids became heavy and she slumped against his chest. The last sound

she heard was the warning screeches of the crows circling overhead.

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