Monday, February 28, 2011

Interrupting your regular scheduled programming...

Life has struck and as a result I've had to rearrange my week. I've been getting closer and closer to missing my personal deadline's (and probably my guests too) for my blog, and this week I went way beyond and past it. My author spot for an excerpt will now appear tomorrow and my interview (number 8) for All Things Romantic Suspense will hopefully be on Thursday/Friday. I hope you can bear with me and understand!

Why the interruption? Well, my husband had knee surgery and I'm a horrid housekeeper. There, I said it! *hides face in shame* Therefore I had to take the whole week to clean my house so the poor man can crutch around without breaking his neck. And then Thursday, Friday and Saturday were all spent taking care of him... The computer was never turned on.

On the positive side, my husband appears to be recovering well. His pain has been a bit more extensive, we're not sure why. His doctor is extremely vague and skirted most the questions we asked. We're hoping when we go see him at the post-op appointment he'll be a little more forthcoming. He did give my husband all the pictures from the operation (it's a scope, nothing gory!) so he could at least see the condition his knee was in. Ever seen a bald spot inside the body? Yeah, me either! But I have now... Poor hubby. Really hoping this surgery improves his mobility and relieves some of his pain.

Thanks for understanding!


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