Friday, February 4, 2011

A Reader vs a Reviewer

As the reviews start to trickle in, I find myself getting more and more anxious over what a stranger thinks of my work. These people don't know me, they have no reason to take my feelings into consideration as they sit there and type out their thoughts on my book. While so far, all the reviews have been positive, the day will come when one isn't. And then I may hide in a hole for a couple days.

But, I've realized something. I've received professional reviews and I've received reader reviews. One was a reader/reviewer, but she worded her review as a reader would, because I think (and I could be wrong) she's a reader first. And as I read these reader reviews, they brought tears to my eyes, and one in fact really did almost make me cry. Took a lot to suck back the threatening waterfall. The professional reviews just made me ridiculously happy, whew, a stranger didn't think I sucked. The readers reviews were heartfelt and honest, showing me, as the writer, why they loved my story. The reader reviews meant more. I appreciate them so much and they encourage me to write and make me feel like I'm doing something worthwhile.

So if you're a reader and you've read a really great book recently, surprise the author and write a review on Amazon, or your blog. Trust me, it will totally make her day. :-)

And for my readers who've left me reviewers, let me just say a great big huge thanks and give you the hug you deserve! *hugs*



  1. I've had mixed reviews on my books--everyone of them. I think I'm one of those writers--you either like my writing or you don't. After years of getting my share of good and bad, I don't let a less than stellar review hurt so much anymore since it's just one persons opinion.

  2. I think that's true of every writer, Jerri. I love your writing! And once I read Untouched, you better believe you'll be getting a review from this gal. *wink*