Sunday, February 13, 2011

Suspenseful 7 Sentence Sunday

All right, I hang my head in shame, I missed last week. Sorry! So here are my seven sentences for this week. Now, to be honest, these aren't from a romantic suspense, but they are, in my opinion, suspenseful. *grin* When I finish this book, I promise the true suspense sentences will start rolling in!

From what story: Happily-Ever-After? Not for Hollee Emmaleigh Rutherford or H-E-A? Not for HER
Status: Work in Progress

Seven Suspenseful Sentences:

Kaiden pulled into Hollee's drive, noting the afternoon sun glimmering off her silver SUV. She was home. He sighed and slid the shifter into park. For a second he stared at the front door. Did he really want to go inside? According to the ladies in town, four men had entered that house, and four hadn't walked out. Hollee didn't seem like the serial killer type, but what if she had some dangerous stalker?

I'm having a lot of fun writing this one, hope you had a lot of fun reading! For more information on S7SS or to read more sentences from other authors, please visit

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  1. Seemed pretty suspenseful to me. Great excerpt.

  2. Thanks, Dawn! They are the only suspenseful sentences in this story so far, LOL! :-D

  3. I know what I've read of it, I loved.