Monday, March 14, 2011

All Things Romantic Suspense: Interview #10 - S.R. Claridge

Well, I skipped last week, which would have been number nine, so just for my sanity and for those who may be following on other's blogs, we're on week ten now. This week, I'd like to introduce S.R. Claridge and welcome her to my blog!

Before we begin, tell us a little about you:

My name is Susan and I live in Broomfield, Colorado with my husband, Cash, and our daughter and son.

I noticed on your site in your writing credits that several songs you've written have been recorded. Do you ever listen to the result? If so, is it odd to hear something you've written sung by another person? Is it what you envisioned for your lyrics?

I co-wrote two songs with a country singer named Marv Roberts; and he and his band, Midnight Rodeo, blew them away. I stood in awe the first time I heard them perform our songs. It’s one thing to hum a melody in your mind or even sing the lyrics for yourself, and another to hear the lyrics and music come together with a professional artist. The songs are called “The Letter” and “Shot Down Again.”

I also used to co-write with an incredibly talented musician, Jim Sullivan. He would take my lyrics and add music in ways I never could have imagined. His musical genius brought life to our songs and it was a lot of fun. Though I recorded many of our demo songs, I’m not a singer so I struggled to do justice to the music and lyrics we created. Similar to writing a novel… it’s fun to write it, but when someone else reads it and loves it…that’s where joy and fulfillment come rushing in.

How is song writing different from novel writing? Aside from the length that is... *wink*

There’s a particular structure to songwriting. Verse, Chorus, Versus, Chorus, Bridge, Chorus. You can stray a little bit, but not too much off course. Also, songwriting entails taking your idea and dropping it to one sentence without losing meaning or feeling. Sort of like taking your novel and dropping it to a one-page synopsis. J

Does motivation strike you differently for each?

I still write lyrics (though they rarely see anyone else’s eyes) but my motivation behind them is usually derived from personal emotion; whereas my motivation for writing a novel is typically because I have been inspired by an idea. When I am broken my emotion pours out in lyrical form.

Speaking of motivation, when do you find motivation strikes the most? And do you rush for a pen or are you able to hold onto that thought until you can get to your computer?

I carry a pen and pad of paper everywhere I go. I have no idea when motivation will strike… and it can happen in the oddest places, at the most in opportune moments. One time I was in the bathroom stall at church when an idea hit. I jotted it down on toilet paper, using my lipstick. Since then, I have carried pen and paper.

Have you ever lost an idea? If so, what did you do?

Yes… it is tragically disappointing! But, alas, I pull myself up by my bootstraps and walk on.

As with all our wonderful cohorts in crime, you write romantic suspense. Why? And do you find yourself writing in other genre's or is romantic suspense all?

I bounce from mystery to romantic suspense. I think it’s my genre of choice because it’s what I enjoy reading the most. My brain sort of dives into it moreso than other genres. I would love to write paranormal stuff but my mind just can’t come up with sci-fi-ish ideas. I used to toy around with writing erotica but my vocabulary isn’t extensive enough to support all the body parts needing definition. I mean, a penis can only be called “his rigid manhood” and “muscular tube of penetration” so many times before it loses its affect. J

LOL!!! I feel the same way. *grin* What did you do when you received your first letter of acceptance?

I screamed…then I cried…then I screamed some more!

What advice would you give to the novice writer seeking to publish their first novel?

Re-write and re-write and re-write; and then submit, and submit, and submit. Adhere to guidelines. Listen to suggestions. Never ever quit.

Thank you so much for stopping by! Tell us where we can learn more about you:

On my


Facebook: Author S.R.Claridge

Twitter: SRClaridgeWrite

Yay, what a fun interview! I hope you all enjoyed! Be sure to stop by tomorrow for an excerpt from Susan's novel, Tetterbaum's Truth.



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