Friday, March 25, 2011

Two years ago today...

I feel the need to blog about this today, because well, my youngest sons birthday is today and I'm reminded once again how very quickly the bundle you once cherished in your arms, becomes the rambunctious child your hair turns gray over. My 'baby' is still my baby even after two years, how could he not be? I waited SO long for him and have cherished every second of infancy and toddler-hood he's graced me with. My pregnancy was equally as special, I truly felt honored to be gifted with a life inside me. So sappy I know, but it's true!

My labor was quick, I was two weeks early and he was breech. After trying to stop my labor (my doctor was in Egypt and the attending physician didn't want to deliver me), they decided my baby wasn't going to wait (ya think!) and rolled me into the OR. The spinal I never wanted turned out to be the nightmare I expected. Not only did she hit a nerve trying to numb the region for the actual spinal, but after three failed attempts she gave up and they just did the spinal. Feeling a needle going into your spine is an experience I hope to never repeat! When they laid me down I was shaking so bad I was embarrassed. No matter how hard I tried though, I could't stop.

They pulled the curtain up and let my husband come in. He grabbed my restrained hand and gently stroked by wrist. I took a deep breath and the shaking stopped. The doctor gave me the play by play of what he was doing and in just a few minutes, (literally) after some heavy tugging and pulling, a wail filled the room. Along with "It's a boy!" followed by "And he's peeing!" Now there's a son a mother can be proud of right off the bat! They pulled him out by his hips, butt first. He screamed so loud, it echoed off the walls. We knew his lungs were good!

Dancing beside me, my husband patiently waited to be given the go-ahead to go see him and take pictures. A couple minutes later, bundled and whimpering, they showed him to me for the first time. When they lifted him up after they pulled him out, it was so quick, all I saw was bloody gooey mess. Here was my son. The tiny being who'd been kicking, poking, shoving and prodding inside me for nine months.

A brief glimpse was all I was allowed before they placed him in my husbands arms and the two of them walked out of the OR. I had to lay there and be put back together, which was fine by me. I was so overwhelmed. My labor had been so short, and I was early, not by much, but enough that I hadn't quite accepted I was a mom again, and this new, beautiful life, which hadn't been on the planet before 3:28 am, suddenly was.

When I was all stapled shut, they put me in recovery. The nursery nurse arrived with a fussing bundle. She smiled and said he just wouldn't stop crying, hopefully Mommy would do the trick. I accepted him and said hello. He immediately quieted. Little hands rubbing at his salved eyes, he cooed and whimpered. I could finally just stare at him. And oh how perfect he was!

Two years later that feeling really hasn't changed. I still find myself just staring at the cutest toddler known to mankind and thinking wow, he's so perfect. I have a teenager too, so I know this feeling passes *grin* but not for another year or so. Until then, I will cherish each precious moment he feels inclined to give me, as he learns new words, dances with flapping arms and stomping feet around the living room and grins at me with little snorts of delight.

Hard to believe two years has already gone by, but I wouldn't trade them for anything. :-)



  1. What a great story!

  2. I'm sappy too because I'm teary sitting here reading your story. There is no other experience in life than when you have a baby.. next greatest thing you'll ever experience and be prepared I'll warn you ahead of time it's 100x better than that day ever was - I know can you believe it - is when you become a grandparent for the first time. I thought I loved my hubs and kids the most, until I saw my first grandchild and I knew nothing could ever top that - still doesn't and it's been 6yrs since he entered my life. I'll even love him during the teenage years - see better than kids, lol. Happy Birthday to your precious boy and I loved that you shared this. Take care, Chrissie

  3. So sweet. Loved the story, Elaina!

  4. Thank so much, Kay, Chrissie and Jerri, for stopping by and reading my little mushy story here, it means so much! Hugs to each of you!

    Chrissie, when my son was born we weren't sure if my dad would hold him or not. But let me tell you, every time he needed held, there was Dad, palms up, arms open, ready to take that baby! It was the cutest thing ever. :-D

  5. Beautiful story. Had to get a tissue. They do grow fast, so you should cherish every second. Nothing wrong with that. Happy Birthday, young man.

  6. Yes, grandparents have it 100x worse!! I always say my grandkids are what my heart looks like outside of my body.

    sorry that's my mush for the day :-)

    Hugs, Chrissie

  7. Awww thanks, Cassie! I do cherish every second, man he just grew SO fast! Everyone told me it would be that way, but you still aren't quite prepared for it.

    Chrissie that is so, so sweet! I love happy mush! :-D

  8. Elaina, my doctor did the same dang thing when I had a C-section. He couldn't get a line in (it was a newer guy) and hit a nerve core SEVERAL times. GAH! Like you, I just had the block, not the good drugs, but it didn't work well and I could still feel a lot. My BFF was with me and DYING because she knew I was hurting badly. Had to stay in recovery ALONE for 3hrs as my BP plummeted, didn't see the baby, really, until much later. Thought I was going to leave her motherless for a while there.


    We both made it, she is lovely and creative and (poor thing) a Mini-Me. AND I had a son 2 yrs later, the usual way (not any easier, though!). :-) Completely opposite personalities, so much fun to watch.

    Thanks for sharing this today. Makes me do that bitter-sweet Mommy thing and remember them when they were teeny tiny, and wish for one day of that back. Especially on the days they are being mouthy and uncooperative. Makes a cuddly baby sound delightful! LOL WOuldn't trade them, though. At least not today.

  9. My spinal worked, but I still felt the tugging and pulling (I asked if they were removing a rib or something, LOL!). When the spinal wore off though, the morphine didn't work for me, I laid there just sobbing because the pain was so bad. They gave me a heavy NSAID and that worked! So no pain-killers for me, LOL! I'd mentioned to the nurse I was feeling weak too, and my husband had told me I was really pale, but we didn't think anything of it. Then when they released me, they said my iron was really low, and I had to take two pills a day... that explained it! Only, I can't take iron because I have a bad thyroid, so we had to get creative so I didn't get worse.

    I'm SO glad you were able to have your second one natural. If we were having another, I'd hope I could too. Labor (what I was able to experience of it) was way less painful than a C-Section recovery, good grief!

    Thanks for stopping by and sharing your story too! Hugs!

  10. Mine turned 2 in November so congrats. I won't tell you how easy my delivery was (3 1/2 weeks early due to preeclamsia). They induced and then had to wake me up because my little guy was crowning!! I experienced that weird shaking thing too. I had an easy delivery, but we waited more than 9 years for Cage and my pregnancy was AWFUL. The best part was feeling him kick and move like he was a gymnast.

  11. Oh, I will share a story. My 23 yr old stepsons best friend and girlfriend had a baby feb 2009. The whole time they told them it was a boy. She had several ultrasounds. They had to induce her and long story short things went from bad to worse for her and they rushed her to the OR for a C-section, but she was unconscious by that time. They let Ryan stay in the room and they had a GIRL. When Megan came to and wanted to see her son she freaked when they said she had a girl. She thought they switched babies on her. Ryan had to convince her he had been there the whole time and saw Gracie, held her, etc!!

  12. You're like us, Kim! Ours are 11 years apart. My pregnancy was wonderful, but I had a really rocky first trimester, which was due to placenta previa. Thankfully by my 17th week, the problem cleared itself up, but it was scary because I bled (sometimes heavily) those first 17 weeks! Having endured a miscarriage before him, I was naturally a wreck... So yeah, I was treated and looked after like a princess by my family my entire pregnancy, which made me feel both silly and really special. :-)