Friday, April 15, 2011

Canceled Series Blues

I've been watching Castle and I'm currently on season 2. Nathan Fillion is, as usual, completely brilliant and absolutely hilarious. He's without a doubt one of my favorite actors. Lying in bed the other night, I settled against my pillow, ear buds in, and began watching Vampire Weekend of Season 2. My heart did a little flip when a familiar trench coat style jacket swooshed across the scene, along with a red shirt, suspenders, complete with a gun being placed in a holster. OMG, it wasn't... it couldn't be! But, it was! For a blissful two seconds, I stared at Captain Mal, of Serenity. Then reality came back to him, and to me, and a hilarious conversation between Castle and his daughter ensued -

Alexis - Hey
Castle - Hey... hey... I was just, trying on my Halloween costume
Alexis - What exactly are you supposed to be?
Castle - Space Cowboy
Alexis - Okay A: There are no cows in space. B: Didn't you wear that like five years ago?
Castle - So?
Alexis - So, don't you think you should move on?
Castle - I like it

He then wears said costume to a crime scene, where he gets equally odd looks from Detective Beckett. And then... the costume is gone and so is Mal. *sob*

Now, just to clarify, I was a Firefly fan from the very first episode. I watched it faithfully every single week until the Friday it just didn't show. I thought, oh, this must be one of those 'break' days the network does every now and again. So I tuned in the following week. Still no Firefly. And again the week after. At that point I had stomp my foot and curse the stupid idiots who saw fit to cancel the most awesome show ever. I couldn't believe it. I was extremely disappointed.

Two other times my husband and I took chances on new shows, and when both of them were canceled we simply gave up. We don't watch new shows now. What's the point? So we fall in love with characters and the story, only to tune in one day and find something else on in it's place. I don't watch shows now unless they've been on at least two seasons. Pushing Daisies was an exception. I'd heard it was canceled when my mom introduced me to it and I'd also heard they had fair warning and were able to create a 'closure' episode. Which was very nice. But again, that was a great show. If you like humor, magic, romance and crime solving, definitely check it out.

I'm currently addicted to Leverage and holding my breath they continue to hold the ratings for another season. Castle seems to be doing well, again, yay! I think every writer in the nation is watching it, which is why, LOL! Oh, plus all the rabid Firefly fans (we so love our Nathan). I'm going to try Justified next, since it's on its second season and seems to be doing well.

I remember reading an interview snippet about Nathan Fillion where he said he wished he had enough to buy the rights to Firefly, because he'd make an internet series out of it. Now that is a brilliant idea! And it had me thinking... why don't they? They could charge a fee for you to watch or, I'm sure, find plenty of sponsors for small commercial breaks. The e-industry is on the rise, both in publishing and music, why can't it be for TV too? I hope someone takes this suggestion of his seriously, I know a LOT of fans who would be forever grateful for the chance to see Firefly again, in all its awesome glory.

What show was canceled on you that nearly brought you to tears?



  1. Well, since ABC just canceled two shows I've watched for decades, I can certainly sympathise. Yesterday ABC announced it was pulling the plug on ALL MY CHILDREN and ONE LIFE TO LIVE. 41 and 43 years respectively. Say what you will about soap operas (or romance novels), you get to feel like you know the characters whether they're the orginal actor or actress or have returned from the dead a couple of times. It's true (IMHO) that the writing on AMC was the reason viewers were tuning out, but OLTL was the one soap I watched without multi-tasking. Frankly I'm pissed and I definitely won't be watching a food show or a lifestyles talk show. I guess I'll get more writing done though.

  2. I believe I'm getting Castle season 1 for my b-day next week. I can't wait to watch it!

  3. I'm so sorry, Marie-Nicole! After that long, that is awful. I have a story though - My teenage son becomes mesmerized when they're on. We were getting the oil changed in my car and a soap was on in the waiting area. I asked him, "Do you want me to change it?" He shook his head, held his hand out and said, "No, no, no! I want to see what happens next!"

    Jenn, you will LOVE Castle! Promise!

  4. I must watch Castle too then. But firefly and Serenity both captivated me. Please PLEASE somebody make the show before all the actors turn pudgy and die of old age.

  5. I haven't missed one episode of Justified. I so love this show. I got hooked on Firefly and Moonlight after the shows were cancelled. I'll never know what happened to Mick unless they make a movie..hint.. hint..

  6. I loved Firefly but am having a hard time getting into the reruns. Serenity on the other hand I can and do watch or DVR whenever it's on.
    Then there's Castle. Cool. Suave. Debonaire (so sue me if I spelled it wrong, you get the idea. Oh, that's Becket I'm talking about, Rick is great too.

  7. I never watched Moonlight, Jerri. How long was that shows life before it went to the chopping block? I'm excited about Justified. :-)

    Lindsay, I own Firefly on DVD, it's my vegetate show, as I can watch it over and over again, I just love it. Serenity is amazing too, I'm so glad they made that movie and hope they do another one!