Friday, April 1, 2011

Donating a Novella for Japan

Every time there's a tragedy, many of us look for ways to help, in any way we can. We donate funds if they're available, we send clothes, blankets, diapers or whatever else we have on hand or can afford to purchase. However, I've learned that many donated items are never used, and some items that are collected and sent can't be used due to climate or other factors. So truly, the best way to help is with money. But what if you can't afford (like me) to give money? The owner of Astraea Press solved my dilemma. All she's asking for, is my writing.

Stephanie Taylor has put an open call out for a Japan Relief Novella, where all proceeds (and I do mean ALL) go to those in desperate need in Japan. I am so on-board for this and I am telling everyone I know. How to best reach everyone I know, why shout out to you all publicly!

I know many of us don't write 'sweet' which is what Astraea is. However, I figure for the length, it is most certainly doable. So please, take just a moment to look over the specifics and really, really consider doing this. After all, it's only a short time you won't 'earn' and the money will be going to a great (really great) cause. This way we, as authors, can extend a helping hand, and all we have to do is what we do best. Write.


Length - 10k min - 25k max

is acceptable

All genre's of fiction accepted

No open door sex (unless they're married) and even then no 'pink parts' as she calls them.
Sexual tension is more than acceptable, as is kissing and playing, providing again, there are no 'pink parts'.

No graphic language

No graphic violence

Contract length will be for six months WITH the option to extend to a full contract at the end

ALL sales for the relief will be through AP ONLY during this time, that way every penny can go to Japan. IF you choose to contract after six months, then the book will go on sale as a regular, royalty paying novella, and will then be distributed to third party vendors.

Deadline is May 31st

When submitting put - Japan Relief Novella as the subject.

If you have ANY questions at all, just ask them in the comments section and I will get you an answer. :-)

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this today.



  1. Wish I had a story in my head to use :(. Maybe I'll try to work something out and see what turns up...

  2. I write mystery/suspense and except the murders I guess you could call it sweet. Kissing, hugging but no sex scenes.
    Can I show the reader the dead body with blood?
    I might be able to do something by May 31.

  3. Thank you Diana and Lindsay for your interest!

    Diana, write away, you know you have someone to pick it apart for you. Though our familial ties will have to be broken during the process... writers rules! *grin*

    Lindsay, thank you so much for checking out my post here. Kissing and hugging is perfect, let me ask the owner about your dead body though, LOL! How graphic would it be?

  4. I tend, at times, to be graphic but since this will be a totally new story I can write so the actual killing, just the results are shown. Even then I can tone it down which will make my beta-reader happy.
    The one other thing I should point out is the story will be Army focused.
    I've got a story idea that I think can work. My only other question would be the contract. I will want to keep character names and etc since the story will be part of another series.

  5. Hi Lindsay! We'll take dead bodies, hot army dudes and you're welcome to keep the names of your characters. However, our contract does state that we get first right of refusal on any subsequent books featuring the same characters for the length of the contract. But also, keep in mind, the contract length for the Japan relief is only for six months. After that, you'll be given the option to "reup" for the standard contract length, which you'd need to give us the first glance at those stories. If you have any questions, feel free to email me directly at

  6. Thank you Stephanie, for dropping by and addressing concerns!