Monday, May 23, 2011

Guest Post - Joselyn Vaughn - Encouraging Disappointments

Please welcome to my blog today, Joselyn Vaughn, mutli-published author of sweet romances. Her guest post is about encouraging disappointments.

So here she is!

Last month, I got a crazy email. I thought it was a joke or that the sender was confused about the nature of my novels. They mentioned my first novel, CEOs Don’t Cry, and wanted to interview me. Sounded pretty cool – assuming they really wanted a romance novelist. I was sure they’d only seen the title of the book and thought it was a self-help book.

After contacting them, I learned that they knew it was a romance and thought their television show viewers would really enjoy it. We talked about my other books and the coordinator for the show was really positive. I was getting excited. This would be a huge promotional opportunity – much larger than anything I’d be able to do on my own. I would be able to reach so many readers.

Then came the catch and I knew I couldn’t do it. The disappointment settled in. The bubble popped as easily as a cartoon thought.

But I said this was encouraging, right? The coordinator felt that readers for my books were out there. This nugget of encouragement came at a time when I was really frustrated with writing and promoting. I was ready to give up. Nothing I was doing seemed to be working and I was beginning to feel that the return wasn’t worth the effort. Despite the disappointment that the opportunity wouldn’t pan out, I felt just a little better about the place I was in. Sometimes we just need a little push in a new direction to make good things happen.

Here’s hoping.


Thank you so much, Joselyn! And thank you everyone who stopped by and read. Please stop by tomorrow to read an excerpt from her romance: Sucker for a Hot Rod.



  1. Um... let me guess - did they expect you to PAY them for the promo opp? You didn't mention why the bubble popped. A shame, really. But yes, keep positive. Love your cover!

  2. you are so right, this is a roller coaster ride. but then along come those days when you realize you just may get to the crest of another hill and enjoy the thrilling downhill slope.

  3. Promoting does feel like an uphill battle at times. But keep chugging along!

  4. I know Meg, I'm curious to know why the bubble popped too! So, dish Miss Joselyn! *grin*

    At times an exhausting roller coaster ride, Therese, I agree!

    And I wish for a world with no promoting! Come on, our books rock, take our word for it people! *wink* Thanks for stopping by, Lisa!

  5. Meg nailed it. They did and it was super expensive! At least they found me out there. And if they did, others can too, right?

    Elaina, thanks for having me today!

  6. Absolutely, Joselyn! Thank you SO much for being a guest! And I can't believe they wanted you to pay for an interview... bah. :-(

  7. Disappointment is my middle name. I've been at this game a long time--sometimes, I think too long. Actually, I was disappointed today--can you say rejection...