Friday, June 3, 2011

Avoiding The Great Ones...

I noticed something interesting about myself yesterday... whenever a big name pops up as a friend 'suggestion' for me, I ignore it. Seriously. High-profile literary agent? No thank you! Big time, everyone-wants-her-to-read-their-manuscript editor? Uh-uh, not me. They can stay far away from me.

Where did this aversion to touching virtual elbows with big names in the writing industry come from? Probably because once a upon I was in their slush pile. Their intern read the first four sentences of my MS and promptly slammed the big red REJECTION stamp down on it. They've already told me once where I can stick it... I don't need to be told twice. And I certainly don't care what they're doing with their day or what writing tips they're giving to thousands of other eager authors. I will still end up in their slush pile, and while hopefully their intern would make it much farther in my MS, she'd still stamp it with that nasty word.

I'm not delusional. Can I write? Yes. Am I proud of my accomplishments, small as they may be? Heck yes! I worked HARD to get to where I'm at, to earn the five star reviews I've acquired, and the amazing support and praise from fellow authors. Will those things make a difference to these big names? Um... no. Not at all. Having sold 20k+ copies will, and I have yet to do that. I may never do that. So, until I know what they have to say will make a difference in my little writing world, I'll let some other writer, who thinks they can make it on to those big name desks, have the friend spot. They are more than welcome to it. I prefer touching elbows with fellow authors like myself, and editors who work super hard for nothing, and press owners who are trying to make a difference in authors lives by being just awesome to write for. :-) They have just as valuable information and they are who I'm likely to actually get noticed by. Besides, I prefer them to the big boys. They're nicer.


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