Monday, June 13, 2011

Guest Post - Cari Silverwood - Laugh and the World Looks at You Sideways

Please welcome Cari Silverwood, a very talented Erotic romance author and a dear friend of mine, to my blog today!

Laugh and the World Looks at You Sideways...

If anyone had told me, ten months ago, my humor was a reason to buy my erotica, Three days of Dominance, I would have put more of it in. Damn.

Humor can round a character out and make them more human. People love emotional connection, and whether that’s sadness, love, joy or pure fun, it does help an author to show the reader that here, in this book, is someone you can care about. Make your readers laugh with your characters and you have them in the palm of your hand, all puttylike and squishy, they’re yours for that moment in time.

What a pity it’s the cocker spaniel in my story who gets the most laughs then. Perhaps I should have given Killer a lady love, made it a doggy romance? Or to use the correct term, a bitch love. Do I hear shrieks of dismay? Sorry but bitch is correct doggy terminology. Killer wouldn’t have it any other way.

Of course calling a cocker spaniel by the name Killer was my first attempt at humor. If there’s one dog breed you would be more likely to cuddle than run screaming from, it’s the cocker spaniel -- floppy ears, big eyebrow-like hairy bits, a way of walking that resembles a fluffy toy going nuts and the brains of a well…do cocker spaniels HAVE any brains?

Not that his next-door-neighbor dog friend, Jugsy the dalmatian, has any more brain cells than Killer. It was my description of Jugsy that had one reader complimenting the humor and asking me if there was lots of it in the story. This is the quote that prompted her question:

“He might be so dumb a lobotomized weevil could beat him in an IQ test, but he was adorable.”

Yes, that is indeed Jugsy. I seem to have written in two brainless dogs. Jugsy is the one that gets poor Danii into trouble and leads her into the dreaded three day agreement with Heketoro. Though being a devious fae, who’s to say Heketoro didn’t tilt the whole scenario in his favor anyway?

So, is there lots of humor in Three Days of Dominance? I scratch my head…erm…there’s some, most of it supplied by Killer. He is so cute and cuddly, and truthfully, most of the time he’s not that dumb -- just very loyal to Danii.

This comment about humor started me thinking. I’d previously tried to write a rather slapstick mummies-in-Egypt erotica, but the sex seemed lame without the hard edge of angst and tragedy. That story ended up as Rough Surrender, and so far the love story in that is my favorite. I still don’t think I could do a slapstick erotica, but one with a heftier helping of humor is on the cards now. I can see how humor, tragedy and sexual shenanigans can play off each other and enhance the story, and make the people come to life.

So, farewell, until we meet again. Say, how do you know if elephants have been making love in your bed?

By the peanuts between the sheets, of course. No, not by the jumbo-sized fluorescent condom…sheesh, trying to be clean here. Bye J

-- Cari

LOL! Thank you, Cari! Please return tomorrow for the blurb and excerpt from Cari's BDSM Erotic Romance, Three Days of Dominance!


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