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R-rated Excerpt from Written in Blood, by Elaina Lee

Please note: The following excerpt is graphic in nature and is considered rated R, and is only suitable for audiences over the age of 18.

Book Specifics -

Genre - Romantic Suspense
Length - Novel (87k)
Heat Level - 3 of 5 (sensual)
Sexual Orientation- M/F
Content Warnings -

Blurb -

Lyndi Crisdean is assigned one of the hardest cases in her career as a defense attorney. A serial murder case. Investigating is Alek Trevian, the lead investigator for the district attorney, and a handsome and supremely dangerous man. Lyndi finds herself in over her head when she chooses desire for Alek over common sense. If they're caught, Lyndi will lose everything she's worked for. Circumstances beyond her control pull her toward Alek, for he turns out to be the only one who can help when threats start to mount against her.

Lyndi may be the key Alek needs to bring down a murderous cult running loose in his city. When her beach house is broken into and a man begins to tail Lyndi, Alek can't help but reason Lyndi may be next on the cult's hitlist. The question is, will he discover the identity of the cult, keep her safe, and still win the case against the serial killer she's defending, all while losing a battle against the strong, untamable desire she alone ignites within him?

Excerpt -

"Why did you bring me here?"

He began walking, forcing her to move with him if she wanted to know his answer. "Because your perception of me was wrong. As was your view of normal."

"And you wanted to fix that?" she asked incredulously, feeling near hysterical.

"One of us needed to." His eyes took on a hard edge as he glanced down at her.

Lyndi looked away, not wanting him to see the guilt or understanding. "What if your little plan didn't work?"

"What if I haven't made you understand, or what if I haven't scared you away?" he whispered, urging her to walk in front of him when they turned down a side corridor.

Lyndi tried to quell the flutters in her stomach. They curved around to the right, and her feet rooted in place, almost causing her to lose her balance. She grabbed the wall for support, swallowing harshly. Alek stopped behind her. He didn't need to touch her. His presence tingled on the surface of her skin; she was more aware of him now than she'd ever been.

In a secluded alcove at the end of the corridor, lighted by a single, low-wattage bulb, a man and woman took their pleasure. The woman's hands were wrapped around chains hanging from the ceiling. Her body lay on an angled, thick wooden table. Before her spread legs, the man stood, kissing her thigh, his arm moving in a measured pace. From the expression of need on the exposed half of her face, Lyndi knew just what his hand was doing between the woman's parted thighs.

A deep throbbing pulsed between her own legs. Her mouth went dry. Her mind screamed to turn away, to stop watching the sexual display, but her body wouldn't let her. The man's free hand moved low, to his waist. The jingle of his belt buckle and zipper echoed in the hollow cavern. Lyndi's breath hitched as his erection sprang free, and he slipped on a condom one handed. The woman groaned, and for a second, Lyndi did look away.

A profound, primal need, beyond her level of conscious control, pulled her eyes back to the sexually engaged couple. Their bodies moved in unison, slow, easy, smooth. The pale light glistened off the woman's golden mask. Her head tilted back as the man's mouth lowered to her throat. Everything about watching was wrong, on too many levels for her to appreciate. Yet she couldn't look away, was enthralled past the point of understanding.

When a hand slipped around her waist, Lyndi jumped and gasped at the contact. For a second, she'd forgotten about Alek standing behind her. Stupid really. Apparently her body hadn't, and a rush of heat flowed to her center. Breathing shallowly, she pressed her fingers into the course brick, ignoring the discomfort the action caused in her nails.

Alek's fingers smoothed lower, to the waistline of her pants. The heat of his body enveloped her, enclosing her in his scent along with the sweet, musky odor of the cavern. Her vision waivered as desperate need made rational thought fade away.

Strands of his hair tickled her cheek when he leaned close and whispered, "I didn't take you for a voyeur."

The warm moisture of his breath caressed her cheek, his mouth a temptation she dared not ignore. But when she turned her head, he pulled away enough to deny her what would be a great pleasure. His kiss. The disappointment made a whimper rise in her throat, but she swallowed it back. She kept her irritation private. If he knew, he might feel compelled to . . . . His fingers slid past the waist of her pants, under the elastic of her panties, and over her mound of curls in a seductive crawl.

So desperate for any type of release, Lyndi never considered asking him to stop. In fact, she had a thought to thank him and cried out softly when he parted the folds of her sex. Two fingers moved along the side of her clit, down lower to her opening. Unable to stop herself, she fell back into him. Her head dropped onto his chest. His free arm wrapped around her waist possessively. Their bodies were so close together his erection pressed into the small of her back, increasing the desire throbbing within her.

The tips of his fingers teased. He eased them in and back out, just enough to wet them before coming back to her clit. Lyndi wanted to hiss and hit him, but less than a second later, all lucid thought fled. In a motion bordering on cruel, he worked his warm, slick fingers over her swollen nub. Her hand flattened on the wall. Her gaze returned to the couple, whose sex had gone from slow and easy to passionate. Their cries mingled with the intense desire raging to life within her, fueled by Alek's touch.

Side to side, with gentle, rotating motions, his fingers worked her clit until a painful, pulsating need burst to life at her core. Every cell in her body worked toward one goal: pure release. No longer could she focus on the couple. Only Alek's strokes mattered, his body, his heavy breathing, the pounding of his heart against her back. Lyndi took a deep breath, and whimpered. She grabbed the arm he had tight around her waist and dug her nails into the corded muscles, needing an end to his torment before she cried.

Pleasure explode. Wet-heat flowed from her center, intensifying the waves of ecstasy. Lyndi clenched her teeth, waiting for her climax to fade, but the forceful surge wracked her body once again until she cried out. Then, only then did he slow his movements until he stopped completely. Sucking in a deep breath, Lyndi began to shake, blinking tears from her eyes.

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Written in Blood is the winner of the 2011 Golden Rose Award for the best Romantic Suspense.

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