Saturday, June 25, 2011

Saying our final goodbyes

My blog will be on auto-schedule this week as my mom and I venture to Arizona to lay my grandmothers cremains in her final resting place. I have all the usual lined up for you in this coming week: An interview with the amazing author, Monique O'Connor James, a peek at her recent release, The Keepers. On Thursday you'll have an excerpt from Tricia Schneider - The Witch and the Vampire. On Friday you can look forward to a huge line-up of novella's being released for charity. Please be sure to stop by and check them ALL out!

So here's saying goodbye to my amazing, beautiful Grandmother. She will be so missed.

As a Wife she loved
As a Mother she cared
As a Grandmother she cherished

Ellen had a gentle heart and soul. Faithful to the lord and those she loved, she had compassion for all living things. She expressed joy in playing the piano for her family and church, filling hearts with love and music. She created beautiful artwork with a needle and thread. No matter who came through the door, she always had enough food made to set one more plate. Selfless in her love and kindness for others, she was always present and willing to lend a hand when someone needed her. Her service to the Lord lead as an example to those around her. We love her dearly and she will be missed. We look forward to seeing her in Heaven.



  1. Elaina,

    This was a wonderful tribute. I'm sorry for your loss, and glad that you're returned home.


  2. Thank you, Jerri and Nadja. The service was very beautiful.