Monday, August 15, 2011

Announcing the Winners for the Final Week

For our final drawing, Sarah and I entered every person who'd commented along our blog tour who hadn't won a prize yet. All of you contributing by helping us promote, sharing the word and supporting us along the way meant so much. We thank you. We're not sure how well we've done yet as far as sales which equaled donations, but every dollar made a difference as did your continued support of our efforts.

Our stories will continue to benefit those in need for the next five months, so if you haven't made your donation and received your copy of either To Urn Her Love or Hawthorne, please consider checking them out.

Now, for the winners of our last week!

$10 Barnes & Noble Gift Card: Amy
Winner of Elaina Lee title: Cassie
Winner of Sarah Ballance title: Rue

Congratulations to our winners! And again, thank you so much to everyone who's supported us this past month, you all have been such a blessing!

Also, if you've purchased a copy of either Sarah or I's short stories through a donation, please fill out this simple form on my website for your FREE Thank You gift! We really want to show you our appreciation for your support!


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