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Featured Guest Book - Gabrielle Bisset - Love's Master

Please welcome Gabrielle back to my blog today as she shares her novella, Love's Master with you! If you missed Gabrielle's post about her adventures in the world of self-publishing, be sure to check it out! A very well-written article, just like her work!

Book Specifics -

Genre - Historical Romance
Length - 28k (novella)
Heat Level - 4 of 5 (erotic)
Sexual Orientation - M/F
Content Warnings - Contains elements of light BDSM, which include blindfolding, spanking and whipping. Not suitable for audiences under the age of 18

Blurb -

23 year old Lily finds herself widowed and forced to live with her brother and his family, including his eight year old son William, who is nothing short of a terror. Sure she cannot go another day with his behavior, she begins to search for a new nanny and tutor for her nephew with little success. But when she happens across an advertisement in the Times that seems to be the answer to her problem, she is set on a path that will take her where she's never been before. Victorian England is a place of strict social codes, and the sensual world she enters is strictly forbidden for a woman of her social stature.

Her guide in this world is a man named Kadar, and the feelings he stirs in Lily threaten to change her forever. However, Victorian society is never far away, and her brother intends on seeing his sister remarried and settled into a home near him in Regent's Park. Lily will have to choose between Kadar,who makes her feel more alive than she ever believed she could and Captain Mason Danvers, the gentleman who can offer her security and comfort for the rest of her life.

Excerpt -

“Lily,” he whispered against her lips barely touching them.
In her desire, she craned her neck, desperate for the kiss he knew she waited for. Unable to deny her any longer, he greedily took her mouth, running his tongue over hers. Her lips urged him on to satisfy her need, and he began to lose himself in the warmth of her. A quiet moan passed between her lips and he took it inside him, like a pledge she offered.
Before she could try to wrap her arms around his neck, he broke off the kiss and pulled out the ropes. He placed them in her hands, and confused, she dipped her head as if to look at what he’d just given her.
Tenderly stroking her check, he asked, “Have you ever been tied up?”
As the velvet ropes sat in her trembling hands, she silently shook her head. He had to carefully introduce restraints or he’d risk losing her right here.
“Follow me,” he ordered as he began to back up toward the couch. As he sat, she remained standing in front of him.
“Turn around, Lily.”
Lily rotated for him and returned to face him.
“You look beautiful. Blue is my favorite color.”
Smiling broadly, she fidgeted over her dress, smoothing it from the waist. “Thank you! I’m so happy you like it.”
Her words were met with silence. Kadar sat back on the couch and gazed up at the innocent creature in front of him. Now it would begin.
Standing up, he kissed her lips softly and quietly announced, “I want to see what you are under this pretty blue dress.”
He saw her stiffen in fear and whispered, “I would never hurt you, Lily. Trust me.”
“I do,” she said softly.
Kadar made swift work of her dress and undergarments and in seconds Lily stood before him naked. His breath caught in his chest, and he had to restrain himself from opening his trousers and pulling her down on his lap to bury himself as deeply as possible inside her.
Astonished by her beauty, he muttered “lovely” as he softly kissed her, explaining, “I’m going to bind your wrists together. Hold your arms out in front of you.”
Taking the ropes from her, he expertly wrapped them around her wrists, making sure she wasn’t hurt. Restrained, she was forbidden from holding him.
Slowly, he lowered himself to sit on the edge of the couch and pulled her to him. Unable to hold back any longer, he took a nipple in his mouth and gently sucked, feeling the tender skin harden into a peaked point against the flick of his tongue.
Pulling away, he looked up into her face now full of desire. “Beautiful Lily.”
He moved to the other one and began giving his attention to it, eliciting a soft moan from her. Just as with the other nipple, it grew hard in his mouth and he tenderly fastened his teeth to bite down, knowing he had to take care not to frighten her.
Cupping her full breast, he latched on and softly bit her nipple as he gently squeezed the supple skin around it.
Looking up, he saw a frown on her face. “What did you say?”
“That hurt, Kadar.”
He slowly stood and stroked her face. “You told me you wanted to submit to me, Lily. Do you?”
Nodding, she bit her lower lip nervously, and he knew she feared she’d done something to displease him.
“It’s all right. But you will have to be punished now.”
Instantly, he saw a look of terror cross her features. How wide her beautiful green eyes must have been when she heard she was to be punished!
“Please, no, Kadar.”
Cradling her face in his hands, he felt emotion tug at him. Most of the time when he announced to a woman that he intended to punish her, he had to fight to ensure he was seated before they flung themselves across his lap. Lily simply stood trembling in front of him.
“I promise it won’t hurt for long, love.”
Reaching down behind her, he ran his hand over one cheek, then the other, loving how full and firm they felt under his palm. Then he drew back his hand and let it land with a hard slap on her skin.
Kadar held her upright as the shock of his slap wore off, leaving only the warmth growing where his hand had landed. Although he couldn’t see her eyes, he was sure tears began to well up in them.
Gently, he rubbed his hand over the skin, soothing her. “See? Not so bad.”
“That hurt!”
Again, he pulled back his hand and smacked her skin just as loudly. He knew she wanted to fight as every muscle in her body tensed, but with her wrists bound and his arm holding her, all she could do was bury her face in his chest and whimper.
He soothed her skin with the hand that had just reddened it, whispering, “Someday you’ll ask for this, my Lily.”
Holding her to him, he began to repeatedly spank her, ignoring her soft cries and pleas to stop. Each time he inflicted pain, he followed it with the loving caresses she needed to know he cared. Slowly, she stopped protesting and pressed next to his body, grasping at his shirt to find the closeness she craved.
Finally, she reached up to kiss him, aroused by the sensations he was inflicting on her. Unable to hold him, she tugged desperately at his shirt to bring his mouth to hers.
Kadar let her devour his mouth as she pressed against his swollen cock, grinding against it with her moist cunt. She was reacting just as he’d hoped—even more so, to his surprise. She was opening for him, her body begging his to fill her.
But he wasn’t ready for that yet. Her body may desire him, but her mind still didn’t trust him. He needed her body to convince her mind, and that wouldn’t happen if he took advantage and merely fucked her.
He stopped the spanking knowing that one or two more would send her over the edge, and he wanted to prolong this moment. Gently, he stroked her skin with his hand, easing the sting out.
“That’s my Lily,” he cooed in her ear.
“Please, Kadar,” she begged.
“How quickly someday has come,” he teased.
She was so responsive that he didn’t want to stop. But he could give her what she wanted and still be in control. Sitting on the couch, he guided her onto his lap.
“Sit on top of me, legs apart.”
She did as he commanded and positioned herself on his legs, straddling him. His hands glided up and down her sides and over her back, carefully avoiding her still pinkened cheeks.
Just as she became relaxed, he landed his palm on her warmed skin, harder than before. She didn’t cry out or plead for him to stop but returned to kissing him, her mouth desperate to express her need. Sure she was close, he caressed her and then slapped her skin one last time.
Then he waited.

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