Monday, August 8, 2011

Interview with Nicole Hicks

I have a very special guest with me today! I get to introduce you to the multi-talented woman, Nicole Hicks. An author, editor, book reviewer and mother, this woman does it all. Please take a moment and learn about her and some awesome professional advice she has for writers! Also, it's Nicole's birthday in two days!!! So be sure to wish this upcoming birthday girl a happy day!!!

Thank you so much for visiting my blog, Nicole!

Now *rubs hands together* onto the questions. I read on your Facebook page that you're a mother, a writer, an editor AND a book reviewer! My goodness, how do you find the time?

~*laughs* Thank you Elaina! Well strong coffee is my best friend, lack of sleep is an old friend, and I’m always doing one of those “jobs” when I’m doing something else. LOL. When I cook I’m reading a book for review, when I drive I’m plotting and planning, and believe me the dreams I have about editing are weird! *laughs*

I read while I cook too! Glad I'm not alone there. And you're not the first reviewer I've heard tell me they dream about editing… As a reviewer, you must get a lot of books. What's your favorite genre to read in?

~ Favorite genre? Well it depends on my mood honestly. Overall I think paranormal is my fave, although I adore Young adult/ horror/medical thrillers/and suspense.

Speaking of favorite genres, do you only write in one, or do you write in multiple? If so, which is your favorite and why?

~ So far I write paranormal, but I do have a chick lit and horror/suspense in the works. :D

Wow, Chick lit to Horror/Suspense. You sound like me! A romantic suspense to a southern romantic comedy, can you get further across the genre spectrum? Fun though, isn't it? Has a situation in another story bothered you so much with how the author handled it, that you were suddenly inspired? If so, can you give an example?

~ Actually it really is. *laughs evily* As for the situation question I'll admit it has, not that I thought the author was wrong~ just that I thought of another way to handle it. I wrote the inspiration down, but have yet to use it. An example for it. Well there was this one where the FL (female lead) just gave up when she was trapped. I actually looked up from the page and said “WTF?!?!?!” I like strong FLs, ones who are not necessarily “butch” but that are willing to stand up for themselves, and are not fainting damsels. It just…. Annoyed me a tad…. ;)

I totally hear you!!! I had an entire book plot appear once because of the worlds most annoying heroine. Sort of exciting when that happens, I think. You know what NOT to do instantly. *wink* As an editor, you see a lot of mistakes. What's the most common one you come across?

~ LOL You like asking the tough/personal ones, eh? Most common mistake…. An overuse in the “bad/passive” words (was/then/said), capitalizing words, and overuse of exclamation marks. But as a writer I also acknowledge how hard it is to self-edit. And that’s better than some others that I’ve seen lmao.

Does being an editor sometimes ruin a story for you while reading? I know it can be hard to turn off that inner 'editor' that notices things!

~OMG yes! Sad to say, I know, but it’s so very true! And it’s not just a new publisher/author thing. I see them in NYTBS as well. I do try to turn off the inner editor, but you know that version is quite vocal and stubborn! ;-)

Authors sadly have to deal with rejection, either from readers or from agents and editors. How do you handle rejection now as opposed to the first time it happened?

~ I don’t think that’s ever easy. Not from your first to your twenty first. But how do I handle it now as opposed to the first time? Honestly it all depends. If it is politely stated, then I just nod, look over the manu again, and send it on if there aren’t any changes I want to make. If it’s a nasty rejection? I bite my lip and sit on my hands so that I don’t write something scathing back. No, no I’m kidding! I’m not a mean author. Actually if it’s a harsh one I will either get up and clean and cook, or I will talk with one of my friends who will let me first vent and then give me sound advice. What we write is not going to hit everyone the same, and that’s something that I try to keep in mind- even though the stories are my babies.

What advice would you give a newly published author facing reader rejection (a bad review) or an unpublished author facing agent/editor rejection?

~ Honestly? Look at it this way: While we want everyone to love what we slaved over to make perfect it’s not going to happen. Besides, do you have any clue of how many people are as twisted as us and will buy a book that has bad reviews or were smashed, just to see if it’s really that bad? So the bad reviews help you as much as if the reviewer loved it. *laughs*

~ As for the agent/house/editor rejection look at them as learning experiences. Some Houses will tell you why your book won’t/doesn’t fit what they are looking for. Take that into account and you can either edit to try to fit their specs more or you know what to look for when looking for the next House to submit to. But always (and I stress this) take another read through your manuscript afterwards (and once you cool down) to see if there are any spots that you can edit or add to.

Fabulous advice! What's in the works for you? Anything new coming out? Any new exciting projects sitting on your desktop? Do share!

~Well I am working on a prequel to Snow’s Heat, as well as the second book in the series. I’m also working on three first POV (point of view):one for a series I’d love to get into and two stand alones~ paranormal and chick lit. A time travel/romance short (no House in mind for this one yet). And a horror that I’ve started. I enjoy pushing myself, and when I was a teen I wrote horror a lot! LOL.

Horror can be way fun! I hope you get to write in it again. Thanks so much for taking the time to share, Nicole! Please tell us where you can be found:

Thank you Elaina! It was a joy to be here…. Even if you do ask some hard questions! *winks* I can be found:





Be sure to stop back by tomorrow for an awesome preview of Nicole's sensual paranormal romance novella, Snow's Heat!



  1. Loved the interview Elaina - Happy birthday to Nicole for a couple days! Shah X

  2. Awww thank you! This was a great interview Elaina is a blast!

  3. I've learned more fascinating things about my favorite editor friend! I've also purchased books with horrible reviews just to see how bad it truly could be. lol I'm glad to know I'm not the only one.

    BTW, Snow's Heat is a FANTASTIC book! Loved it! I posted a review on goodreads.


  4. Thank you, Shah and Gracen for stopping by, I'm glad you both enjoyed the interview! And again, I'm so glad you had a great time, Nicole! :-D

  5. Happy not-quite-birthday Nicole!

  6. Nicole, you offer some sage advice, especially in the rejection/correction departments. It's difficult to see your manuscript with a NEXT written on it or bleeding in editing. I admire you for having the right temperament to do the work. We need people like you. Best wishes with the sequel to Snow's Heat and your 1st person pieces. Those are very tricky. I know you'll do fantastic. Oh and I read and cook too - the recipe. :-)

  7. Awww thank you ladies! It's always wonderful to hear people appreciate or love your work, whether writing or editing. Y'all are awesome! And thank you Nia! :D :D It's been a grand week!