Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas in Bayeaux, by Stephanie Burkhart

Two more days until Christmas! Hope you're all ready for friends, family, food and fun! But, if you find yourself with a little free time, check out this heart-warming quickie. ;-)

Book Specifics -

Genre - Contemporary Christmas Romance
Length - 7k (short story)
Heat Level - Sensual
Sexual Orientation - M/F

Blurb -

The ravages of war have taken their toll on Aiden. Seeking peace, he has traveled to Bayeux, France, on a pilgrimage of sorts. Noel, a former exchange student who spent time with his family years before, provides him a place to stay at the old manor she has turned into an inn.

The attraction they felt nine years before at the tender age of sixteen flares to life as they spend time together and prepare the inn for Christmas. But there has been so much loss and grief for Aiden.

Will Noel be able to help him feel again and can Aiden find what he is searching for?

Excerpt -

Aiden parked his car a few blocks from the town center. He noticed the middle of town was very compact. Most of the buildings were tall and either beige or grey. From the second stories hung the American, British, French, and Canadian flags – the forces that stormed the Normandy beaches. He slammed his door shut and Noel took his hand.

God, he loved it when she held his hand with no hesitation. "Fess up, Noel. Where are we going?"

She gave him a mischievous grin as she wrapped her scarf around her neck. "It's in the town centre."

"Um." No, he didn't care for surprises one bit. They made him feel uncomfortable. He'd had enough surprises in Iraq to last a lifetime.

They walked a block or two and entered the downtown pedestrian area. Aiden stopped, amazed by the wooden shops lined up against each other. They sold wooden ornaments, candies, knick-knacks, wreaths, candles, anything that had to do with Christmas. There were three rows of these booths, which took up the square along with a food tent. The scent of mulled apples and sweet pastries tickled his nose.

"Noel, what is this?"

"The Christmas markets."

"Is this what you wanted to show me?"

"No." She paused. "Ah, that's right – you don't have Christmas markets in the States."

"Well, then, we're coming here tomorrow to shop for Christmas."

She smiled. "It's a date."

He found it impossible not to return her disarming grin. Was that what they were doing? Dating? She led him down the street. It was getting harder for him to hold back, but he wanted her to know that when he kissed her, when he touched her, it was because he wanted her, not because it was gratitude or some other strong emotion. Well, yes, he was grateful to her, but damn it, he wasn't about to let her walk out of his life right now. Right now? Who was he kidding? He didn't want her to walk out of his life again.


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Thanks for stopping by and reading! Tomorrow is Christmas Eve and I have another fabulous read for you! So be sure to stop by and check it out!


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