Thursday, January 12, 2012

My Exciting Decision

After being hit with a pretty hard blow from my publisher (who wanted my book, but not without rights I wasn't willing to give over and a marketing plan I couldn't back up) when they pulled my contract for my book.  I never in a million years thought that would happen to me.  I don't think any author anticipates it.  I do not hold a grudge against my publisher, I completely understand where they're coming from.  They run a business and they need to make money, and publishing a book is far from cheap.

I write for people to enjoy my work, the stories I weave that take them away from their own lives, if just for a little while.  I love writing, and I love my readers, and I want to be able to offer them my work, in any format they choose.  I don't want to have to worry about not performing or earning enough to cover the cost a publisher has to spend.  I just want to reach readers. So, I decided to go out into the publishing world on my own.  That's right, yours truly is joining the ranks of Indie authors.

I'm not going it alone.  Together with Sarah Ballance, we created For the Muse Publishing.  We want to offer our work to readers through popular vendors, many of which require you to be a publisher to sell on their site.  I want to be able to reach readers on loops who require you to have 'contracted' work.  So we decided it was in both our best interest to meet those needs of vendors and people who prefer publishers work.  Are we lying? I don't think so.  We each have editors who are professionally editing our manuscripts. We have ISBN numbers. The cover art is professional. We have an amazing review coordinator to make sure our manuscripts reach readers.  There's nothing about our press that's any different from a traditional press, we're just doing it all ourselves. The quality of our work will be what you've come to expect when you pick up one of our books.

I am so proud of us and our decision.  I think it'll be a good one.  You, my readers, will benefit too, as I can offer both eBook and Print formats, at VERY affordable prices.  So be on the look out for For the Muse Publishing's titles.  They will leave you an incredibly satisfied reader.



  1. Congratulations, Elaina! And don't worry much about those vendors and loops for long. Indie is becoming so popular, it's impossible to ignore anymore, and whatever stigma some people still want to put on it, that's quickly going the way of the Edsel. Welcome to the dark side! We're nice here. I promise. :D Best of luck to you and Sarah on your venture.


  2. Thank you for commenting, Gabrielle! :-D

    As for stigma's, I'm afraid some will always be there. I ran across a readers group that only lets authors from RWA APPROVED publishers post content. Say what?! I was shocked. That disqualified thousands of authors, and sadly left their patrons missing on some serious talent.

    Sarah and I partly did the whole 'press' thing because we're doing this together and it's a place where we can showcase both of our self-published works. I admit, I'm a little bit of a chicken and doing this with another author made things easier. We can help each other with promotions and keep each other motivated (yes, when she says she's going to release another by summer, my competitive side kicks in! LOL!).

    The Indie market is NOT what it used to be. So many authors are seeing the benefit in going it alone. I know I'm really excited about the opportunities it opened for me. :)

  3. I really thought I commented. Is this what kind of day I'm having? SIGH.

    It was something along the lines of how you're giving me way too much credit, Elaina, and how people are so impressed by your amazing site design skills that they're asking how to submit, LOL. And I LOVE some friendly competition ... er, motivation. *grin*

    And to Gabrielle, thank you so much for your support!

  4. Congrats, Elaina! In this day of small e-publishers, it's often just as attractive going indie, as long as the author is prepared for the extra work.

  5. I'm not giving you too much credit, Sarah. :-) And I'm glad you like some friendly competitive motivation. BRING IT! *grin*

    Thank you, Lisa! And so far I haven't noticed any extra work to be honest. I had to find my own reviews for all of my published works and I had to promote too. It's not extra work really, it's having the money to do it. I'm not going to release a work unless it's the same quality as the rest of my books, and that isn't free. But I know it will be SO worth it. :-)