Friday, March 23, 2012

Word Count Friday - 3/23/2012

I get so excited when I sit down late Thursday evening, or Friday morning and see what my word count is.  I take little peeks throughout the week, in hopes my number won't be pathetic, but I never add anything until today.  Nothing has inspired me more than seeing my manuscript grow!  I hope you too have had a good writing week.

Word Count Friday:

Book: Enchanted Passion (working title) Book one of Hearts Unearthed.

Last Weeks Word Count: 15,900
This Weeks Word Count:  18,100

Total words written this week: 2,200

Woot!  I did pretty good this week!  I've almost reached the half way point for my goal word count.  While I don't rest a lot on a final word count, as I never actually end up with that specific set of numbers, I like to know where I'm at in my 'plan', LOL!  And in my grand plan, I'm 4k away from my halfway point.  I don't think I'm quite halfway in the book yet, so either something needs to happen, and fast, or the book will be a little longer than I anticipated, which happens often.  I usually run around 10k over what I shoot for.  Though, two shorter stories in my collection will show that doesn't always happen.  *wink*

How did YOU do this week?  So excited to find out!



  1. Girl, you ALWAYS kick my butt! My total for the week is 2029 words added. Congrats to you!

    1. Wow, well I didn't KICK your butt, LOL! I just barely had more than you! And don't worry, there will be two weeks where I won't be writing much of anything! Where are you at total?

    2. I'm at 10,299 (I know, right?) in my main WIP. I also counted what I did in the other two, though it wasn't much.

      *I will be finished in a month*

    3. I will NOT be finished in a month, LOL! I wish (very much), but I'll be lucky if I'm done by the end of May!!!

    4. LOL! I hope to have STN almost finished by then. *grin*

    5. I was very productive and did about 5000 words this week. That's with working full time and putting in a 150 gallon pond in the backyard. Not to bad!!

    6. Wow, I'd say not to bad!!!! Wish I could do that. Sigh, I could, once upon a time. :-) Congrat's on the words and I hope you LOVE your pond!!!