Friday, March 2, 2012

Word Count Friday - 3/2/2012

Today I was supposed to be shopping with Stephanie Taylor, getting read for RT.  But nasty weather has forced us to stay inside today and not go out and have fun.  Sigh.  Oh well, more time for writing right?

Word Count Friday:

Book: Enchanted Passion (working title) Book one of Hearts Unearthed.

Last Weeks Word Count: 14,000
This Weeks Word Count:  15,400

Total words written this week: 1,400

Wow. well despite computer issues and the toilet training monster I managed to beat my goal word count.  WOOT!  That was an unexpected surprise! Since I'm stuck, I'm not sure how much I'll get written this week.  I'm hoping a little plotting session will help get me going again.  Shooting for another 1k next week, though I hope to write more. 

How well did you do this week?  Meet your goals?  



  1. Awesome job, Elaina! I don't have anything to report. I've been all over the place with various projects, plus a virus hit our house this week. It takes a long time for a virus to go through a household of eight. Sigh.

    Congrats to you!

  2. Oh no! Nothing at all? :-( I remember you telling me about the nasties, I hope everyone is on the mend (you included!)

    1. I think the virus (or whatever) left, and now chest colds have moved in. We all sound like mules with our coughing.

      I had a couple hundred words on my MainWIP and another couple hundred spread between my TBTitled free read and H2.

      I just ordered a delivery of chocolate covered raisins. I will get through the night. LOL.

    2. Oh ick, but hey, you DID manage to write something this week! I'd be claiming those few hundred words, LOL! Hope you all start to feel better.

  3. So, I haven't checked in since January 20th. And I had to go back to that post and check what my word count was then. Here it is:

    All We See or Seem
    Last time: 28,000
    This time: 34,919

    But probably only about 800 of those are from this week.

    1. Wow, excellent progress, Leah! Are you almost finished, or with this be closer to novel length for you?

  4. Oh wow ! 1,400 !!!!! With rain, rain, rain here and DH somewhere in NSW .... surprisingly I got 1k written as well. Aiming for 1,500 this week :-)

    PS - I feel for you re the toilet training !!! :-0