Thursday, April 5, 2012

Word Count Friday - 04/06/2012

  Word Count Friday:

Book: Enchanted Passion (working title) Book one of Hearts Unearthed.

Last Weeks Word Count: 18,100
This Weeks Word Count:  19,000

Total words written this week: 900

Okay, to be fair, this is my word count for TWO weeks!  I haven't written a single word this week, as I didn't do WCF last week.  WCF is always (always) a positive motivation for me.  But with RT rapidly approaching I haven't had any free time.  I have three projects to finish before I'm officially off for ten days.  Instead of writing though, I'll be cleaning the house for my family to, well, not keep clean while I'm gone, celebrating my youngest sons birthday and then Easter with family.  Somewhere in there I'll pack.  I will of course try my HARDEST to get something written, even 200 words is better than none!

How have you all been doing???



  1. I wrote last night. To be honest, I haven't written since march. I turned off everything except the country twang and wrote - 426 words. Its not much, but its words, and ones that I can be proud of. :)

  2. WOOT! Yeah, I am in the officially pathetic word count zone, LOL! Just so busy with this convention coming up. But man, if you want readers, you have to write, and it seems four books just isn't enough, LOL! I have to find time... have to.

    1. Hey! I guess I didn't miss it last week if you didn't post it, LOL! I don't know how you're doing anything but spinning in circles with RT coming up. You still ROCK!

  3. I didn't check in last week (I blame the chaos surrounding my daughter's birthday party) so I'll report both weeks. I'm totaling wordage for every WIP I'm, er, peeing in.

    Last week total wordage: 1649
    This week total wordage: 1990

    And if things go well, I shall have some fantastic numbers to report next week!

    1. Wow, you've been rocking it! I love how you phrased it... peeing in... LOL!