Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Kingdom Series Covers

In April of this year, I received an email from an author who heart-warmingly thanked me for having such affordable rates on my covers.  She went on to explain she'd decided to self-publish and wasn't quite sure what she was going to do about covers and how she would afford them.  She came across my pre-made cover page, fell in love with one (or five) and placed an order (or five).

She also placed a custom order for a series she was working on titled the Kingdom Series.  Queue near heart-attack.  Not only had I never worked with her before, but the premise of the series was so awesome I truly feared I wouldn't be able to do the stories justice.  On top of that, by placing all the orders, not just one, she'd put her trust in me to do them right for her.  Oh the pressure!

The author who'd just turned my little world upside down?  Marie Hall.  And boy am I glad she found me!

Turns out, after Marie and I figured out our system (yes, I have a system with my regulars on how we build covers), things just kept getting, well, a little more creative and a lot more fun!  After she approved all the people to be featured on the cover, Marie let me be a wild child.  Literally.  I was free to create and do whatever my little artistic heart desired.  And to be honest, I'm still surprised she's as happy with them as she is.

Now, before I introduce the covers, let me say the largest challenge was making sure I kept each cover true to the image which conjures in your mind when you hear or think of your favorite childhood fairy-tales.  You have a visual already in place and you really do expect something familiar, however small, to be on the cover of a book based on the story, no matter how loosely.  So I'm really proud of all these covers, and super excited about the stories behind them.  I will feature each story as Marie allows, giving you a little taste of these fantastic books!

Without further ado, the covers for Marie Hall's Kingdom Series, based on the villain's of each fairy tale and their lovely ladies, who finally get THEIR stories told!

Which one is your favorite?  I can't decide.

Stop by tomorrow to check out the first book in the series Her Mad Hatter.  Marie is graciously sharing the entire first chapter with you!!!

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  1. I love the Hook's Pan cover...that one is so sweet.

  2. Thank you! I love that one too because of the fairy. I'm so ridiculously proud of that little fairy it borders on pathetic, LOL!

  3. wow, they are all amazing. they just... POP. Your work is fantastic. Every time I look at my cover my heart flitters. I love Red's cover.

  4. This is hard. They're all awesome, but I love Jinni's Wish!

  5. Thanks, Melissa and Jerri! And how neat, so far everyone has liked a different one! :-)

  6. My favorite is definitely Jinni. Or maybe Hook... wait, make that Hatter... hmmm... nope, it's Red. Yup, it's definitely Gerard. :D

    And you really are awesome Elaina. Just sayin'. ;)

  7. *blush* Thanks, Marie! Sigh and I can't choose one either. Every time I think Oh, I like that one best, I look at the next one and it starts all over again, LOL! I'm still just so tickled you love them too! :-)))

  8. You do AMAZING work, Elaina! My fave is Jinni's Wish, although that was a hard decision to come by, LOL. YOU ROCK! And congrats to Marie!