Monday, June 23, 2014

Scheduling now!

Wow, so it seems almost two years have passed since I've done anything with  my blog.  Yet I still have loyal followers (thank you, my friends!).  Time for a change.

I will now have four events weekly.  Yay!  The events you have to look forward to are -

Music Monday - Some if us writers (me included) must write to music.  Without the emotional drive and lyrics to guide us, our writing suffers.  Your favorite authors (and some you've never met!) will be sharing their musical musts with you and what book the playlist inspired or help create.

Teaser Tuesday - This day will feature a long excerpt or even a chapter from a book.

Wicked Wednesday - I have a feeling this day will be VERY popular!  You'll get to read steamy (but not too hot!) excerpts from talented romance authors. Mark your calenders for this date!

Cover Art Thursday - This is going to be my industry day.  Once a week I'll discuss a cover I created and the inspiration behind the design.  The author will be kind enough to share buy links and a blurb so you can learn more about their wonderful works.

Interested in signing up for a day yourself?  Head over to my website, signing up is easy.  :)

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