Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Teaser Tuesday - Going Once, Going Twice, Gone

I'm excited to introduce Jerri Drennen and her newest release - Going Once, Going Twice, Gone.  I did the cover art for this one and I have to say Jerri chose one sexy, alpha man, don't you think?  I know I can't WAIT to read this one!

Book Title - Going Once, Going Twice, Dead
Genre - romantic suspense
Heat Level - Sensual
Sexual Orientation - m/f
Content Warnings - There is a murder

Gruesome murder rocks art world

Hard-nosed Detective Dane Reynolds has met his match with up-and-coming sculptress, Simone Preston, the prime suspect in his current homicide. As he digs into her past and uncovers another dead ex, he questions if he has a Black Widow on his hands.

Simone is shocked when her ex-boyfriend is found strung to a piece of art she has up for auction, especially since he's not the only former flame to be murdered. Someone is setting her up, and with the help of the one man who could put her away, she’s determined to find out who.

The two find themselves caught in a tangled obsession that could leave them in danger of losing their lives as well as they hearts.

Teaser excerpt - 

“You have to come see this, Simone,” Laurie hollered from inside the living room down the hall.
Simone Preston tossed her mallet and chisel onto the table next to the piece she’d been working on for months, then walked to the doorway and stuck her head in the room. “What’s going on now? I have a deadline.”
Her best friend pointed to the television.
Simone heaved a sigh and tucked a short strand of curly blonde hair behind her ear. “I couldn’t care less who’s doing who on your reality shows, Laurie.”
“This isn’t one of my shows, but you’re not going to like the reality of this. Watch.”
She stared at the TV screen, unsure of what she was seeing until a familiar landmark registered. “Is that Troubadours?”
Laurie nodded.
“What did I miss? Were they robbed?”
Her friend shook her head. “Someone was murdered.”
Simone’s legs began to shake. She clamped tight onto the doorframe to steady her balance, then swallowed a huge lump forming in her throat.
Horror unfolded as two men with “Coroner” stamped on the back of their dark jackets shoved a gurney with a body bag from the building.
She turned to her friend. “Did they say who?”
The doorbell rang, and Simone’s heart jumped half out of her chest.
As she walked to the front door, her mind raced as to who could’ve died. She knew at least a handful of people who worked at Troubadoursall wonderful, generous individuals.
Simone squinted out the peephole at a tall, dark-haired man standing with his back to her, his hands stuffed into a well-worn leather jacket that fit snugly across a wide expanse of shoulder.
A tingling feeling worked its way up her spine while she fumbled with the bolt locka strange sensation that could be interpreted as a sixth sense, warning her not to release the chain. But then, she’d never had any insight before. If she had, her life would be so different now.
She eased the door open a crack and was immediately inundated with a light, musky scent that sent her stomach fluttering. This man was troubleand she didn’t need any more of that.
He turned. ”Ms. Preston?”
Simone’s jaw slackened, her eyes fixated on the man’s incredible lips, in awe of their color and fullness. With her artist’s sensibilities, she could appreciate the beauty of a perfect feature, and that’s what he hada mouth she envisioned crushed against her own. Strangely enough, she could almost feel its moist pressure.
Pull it together, Simone. One of your friends might be dead.
“Y-yes.”  Heat infused her face. The last thing she needed was for him to see her sweat.
He reached into his jacket, pulled out a leather case and flashed a Denver PD badge.
As if she’d been doused with ice water, a shiver raced through her. This gorgeous, worthy-to-be-etched-in-stone, man was a cop.
“I’m Detective Reynolds, Miss Preston. Could I come in and speak with you?”
Simone nodded, then closed the door and released the chain, tamping down her disgust for law enforcementnot easily done when she despised the whole lot.
She opened up and stepped aside, allowing him into her loft.
“Can I get you anything? Coffee? A soda perhaps?” She hated to offer the man anything but the door, yet her mother’s excessive lessons in the social graces forced her to remember her manners.
“No, thanks. I came to talk to you about Troy Draper. Did you know him?”
Simone’s heart stopped. Did she know him? What did the man mean? Why did it sound as if Troy was no longer alive?
The scene on TV struck her like a slab of cold granite. The murder. The men from the coroners’ office. The body bag. That was Troy inside.
Her hands clamped over her mouth. How could this be happening? Again?
“Are you all right?” He grasped her arm gently.
Even as the reality of the nightmare closed in around her, a sudden jolt of electricity shot up her arm. The man’s touch circuited through her like a two-twenty current, only reiterating the fact this man was troublethe huge, uninvited kind.
Angry with herself, she yanked free from his grip and backed away.
“Is Troy dead?” Her lips began to quiver. She knew the answer, but needed confirmation.
Laurie chose that moment to stick her head out of the living room. “Is everything all right?”
“Yes, everything’s fine.” Simone shooed her back into the room. She didn’t need her best friend causing problems. Laurie had a tendency to say the wrong thing at the wrong time.
Laurie disappeared, and Simone refocused on the detective. “Is he?”
When he nodded, tears clouded her eyes.
Talk about surreal. It’d been months since she’d given any thought to Troy. Especially when they’d ended their relationship so badly. Yet, she would’ve never wished this for him. Not ever.
“He was stabbed.”
A tear slid onto her cheek. “At Troubadours?”
The detective’s eyes widened. “He was found there, yes. How did you know?”
Simone blew out a strangled breath. “I saw it on the news right before you rang the doorbell. Why would Troy be found dead there? He’d only been to Troubadours once, and that was with me almost seven months ago.”
“I hate to be the one to tell you this, Ms. Preston, but he was found strung to the statue you had up for auction with your business card in his hand. Would you have any idea why?”
Simone stared at him, numb to the world around her. Was he accusing her of murder? Because if he wasn’t, it sure as hell sounded like he was.
Her defenses shot up, along with the hairs on her arms. “I don’t have a clue, Detective. But I’ll tell you this, I didn’t kill him if that’s what you’re insinuating.”
The man’s gray eyes narrowed. “I assure you, Ms. Preston, I wasn’t accusing you of anything.”
Sure you weren’t.  That’s what they'd told her the last time. Right before all hell broke loose, and she became the prime suspect in the murder of her ex-boyfriend, Jed.

Want to know more?  Head over to Amazon to get your copy today for $2.99! 

Hope you enjoyed today's teaser scene!



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