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Teaser Tuesday - Ouroboros by Brea Essex

Please welcome Brea Essex as she shares her long teaser excerpt for you from her book Ouroboros!

Genre - YA Paranormal Romance, Urban Fantasy, Mythology
Heat Level - Sweet
Sexual Orientation - M/F
Content Warnings - Some swearing/violence

Blurb - 

Waking up from a coma is hard enough, but throw in an undead ghost at the foot of your hospital bed, and you’ve got a big problem.

While recovering from a rock-climbing accident, eighteen-year-old Rhiannon Sorenson meets Zachary Cohen, a Zayin—one of an elite fighting force for the supernatural realm—and wonders why she’s the only one who can see him. Not only that, he tells her he needs her help to find his physical body, which has mysteriously gone missing. As Rhi reluctantly agrees to come to Zac’s aid, they both uncover a trail of deadly revelations about a powerful and evil being: The Necrovorst.

In this first installment of a trilogy filled with vibrant and imaginative mythology from around the world, follow Zac and Rhi while they face powerful, supernatural beings, and learn all that they can in order to stop The Necrovorst.

Excerpt - 

I felt as though I was walking in circles, and the beginning of something like panic started to lick at my mind. Had they forgotten I was coming? Had they not prepared a place for me? I began to run through the house. The walls seemed like they were closing in on me. The ceiling was dropping lower and lower. The halls were becoming narrower. Everything was shrinking, shrinking, shrinking.

By now, the ceiling was too low for me to stand. I ceased running—there was no room. Crouching down, I continued my search. What was I looking for? I had forgotten. All I knew was that I needed to find something.

Now I was crawling on my hands and knees. The walls and ceiling were all so close together at this point, that I couldn’t go any further. I was completely trapped. Maybe I could turn around and try to trace my way back.

I backed up until I could finally turn around. When I turned, there was a boy standing there. I stifled a scream. He had appeared so quietly! There was something familiar about him. His slightly wavy, messy brown hair reminded me of someone. Where had I seen him before? A movie? Was he someone I knew?

“I can help you find your way out,” he intoned quietly.

I stared at him for some time, unsure whether I should accept his help or not. Although I really did want out of this seeming maze, there was something about him that didn’t sit quite right with me. I opened my mouth to agree to his help, but instead watched in shock as a blade appeared, glinting in the middle of his chest. The boy’s eyes opened wide, and he slumped to the floor. I began to scream shrilly, my shrieks reverberating through my head as they bounced around the narrow enclosure behind me. 
Another boy stood behind him, his sandy brown hair gleaming even in the poor lighting. He twisted the blade in the fallen boy’s body, and then cruelly jerked it out. He calmly pulled a cloth from his pocket and cleaned the sharp edge that was now dull from a dark substance. Blood? No, it seemed darker than that.

“Stop screaming, Rhi,” he ordered me.

How did this boy know my name? My curiosity got the best of me, and I fell silent.

“Good. Now, you must listen to me. We have to get out of here, immediately.”

“Why did you kill that boy?” I asked shakily.

“He’s not dead.”

“He certainly looks dead!” I shrieked.

“Well, he will be fine. We, however, won’t be. Not if we don’t get out of here now.”

“Why should I trust you?” I demanded to know.

He grabbed my chin and forced me to look straight at him. “Listen to me,” he commanded. “You’re caught in a nightmare. We have to escape before it implodes.”

I stared at him, confused. He sighed, and started again. “Rhiannon, a wraith has pulled you into a nightmare. This is your nightmare. I’ve banished the wraith; now we need to get out of here, or we will be trapped forever.” He held out his hand toward me. “Come with me.”

“I don’t even know you!” I wailed.

“Yes, you do. I’m Zac. You will remember everything once we are out of this house. Now, let’s go!” He grabbed my arm and pulled me after him as he ran through the twisting halls.

When we reached the kitchen, I skidded to a stop. My new family had cooked breakfast for me! I frowned. Had morning come while I wandered the halls? The whole night was gone.

“Come on, Rhi,” Zac insisted.

“But they’ve made me breakfast.”

It may have been my imagination, but it seemed as though a sad look crossed Zac’s face. He took my hand again and tugged me toward the door. I fought and pulled, but he was much stronger than I. He dragged me down the front steps, and as soon as our feet alighted on the ground, he hollered, “Run!”
I stumbled and tripped as he towed me across the uneven ground. I felt a shaking beneath my feet, and Zac shoved me roughly to the ground, covering my body with his. I started screaming again and felt as though something was trying to rip my very soul out. Zac kept his arms around me, ignoring my struggling. I felt a strong sucking sensation, and then we were both tossed across a rolling, grassy knoll. Finally, the rumbling stopped and everything went black.

I looked up cautiously. Zac’s face was pressed close to mine, and I could feel his weight on my back.
“Zac?” I whispered. “I can’t breathe.”

His laugh echoed faintly in my ear. He rolled and fell off of me.

I turned to face him. “What just happened?”

“Do you remember who I am now?” he asked.

“Yes, of course.”

He looked relieved. “You were caught in a nightmare, Rhi. I had a really hard time getting you out. Even after I banished the wraith, the nightmare continued. You were so confused and wanted to stay. I barely got you out before the nightmare imploded.”

“I’m sorry,” I whispered.

He kissed me fiercely, stealing the remainder of my breath away. “Oh, Rhi, it’s not your fault. Wraiths will attack anyone. You would have to be extremely well shielded to protect your mind from their powers. I guess it’s time for you to learn.”

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Music Monday with Jennifer Gravely

Good morning!  Please welcome Jennifer Gravely to my blog today as she discusses her musical inspiration behind her book Drown.

Drown takes place in the late 80s and early 90s in the fictional Southern town of Keowee. Whereas most writers find inspiration in the music as they write, I found that the story itself dictated the list. Most of the songs are mentioned in the story or fit with a particular scene in the book. The only modern song used is one that if I were directing a movie and creating the soundtrack, I’d use for the main theme. ;) Hope you enjoy revisiting some great old tunes!

Drown playlist
“Pour Some Sugar on Me” by Def Leppard
“Take it Easy” by the Eagles
“Friends In Low Places” by Garth Brooks
“Friday I’m In Love” by the Cure
“Amazing Grace” by Jerry Garcia
“Crazy for You” by Madonna
“You Give Love a Bad Name” by Bon Jovi
“Every Breath You Take” by the Police
“Love me Tender” by Elvis
“Heaven” by Bryan Adams
“Carolina In My Mind” by James Taylor
“What I Am” by Edie Brickell and the New Bohemians
“Fire and Rain” by James Taylor
“Every Rose has Its Thorn” by Poison
“Wicked Game” by Chris Isaak
“(Can’t Live Without Your) Love and Affection” by Nelson
“Walking After Midnight” by Patsy Cline
“If Heaven Ain’t a lot like Dixie” by Hank Williams Jr.
“Adore You” by Miley Cyrus (main sound track)

Like a soldier at attention, the air stood motionless awaiting the orders of the sky. Drown, a Southern girl’s story of self.

About Drown

Genre- new adult fiction, Southern fiction, contemporary romance
Heat Level - Sensual
Sexual Orientation - m/f
Content Warnings - the themes are for a mature audience. Deals with sex, war, divorce, drinking, etc.

Like a soldier at attention, the air stood motionless awaiting the orders of the sky. Drown, a Southern girl’s story of self. 

When Andie Drown’s mother suddenly leaves them, Andie sees her athletic scholarship as the only escape from small town life. Then the local hero Stone Harrison finally notices her. Their torrid relationship, punctuated by booze, brawls, and betrayal, causes her to question what she wants for her future. 

Will Andie follow in her mother’s footsteps and give up her dream, or will she make her own path and lose the soldier she loves?

Want to know more?  Go to Amazon or Smashwords to get your copy for $2.99

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Wicked Wednesday - Letters from Home

We met Beth last week as she shared her musical inspiration.  Today she gives you a sexy peek at that story.  Hope you enjoy!

Book Title - Letters From Home
Genre - romance, contemporary, military
Heat Level - Sensual
Sexual Orientation - m/f

Blurb - 

An Army doctor, Lena Rodriguez has always been too busy with school or the Army for romance. But the letters she received during deployment have captured her heart. Back home for the holidays, she awaits Christmas morning to meet the man who has turned her life upside down.

When Zack Benson watched his best friend’s sister, Lena, leave for Afghanistan, he knew he had to tell her he loved her. So he sent her anonymous love letters. Now that she’s home, he realizes he’s made a tactical error. Lena has fallen for the man in those letters but still thinks of him as a brother. He has to convince her otherwise because if he succeeds, he’ll get the best Christmas present ever. But if he fails, he could lose her for good.

Sexy Snippet - 

The way she spoke was enough to break him, as if she knew. But she couldn’t… Mark wouldn’t have told her he’d been writing the letters. There had to be a Federal law against that, or something.
“Anyway,” she went on with a smile. “It made me think of the letters again. Think about who had written them. Someone who knows me quite well. I was always surprised by the insight in those letters, the true depth of this man’s compassion for what I was going through. He seemed to know exactly what I needed.”
Zack circled the table and approached her. He was not going to give up his surprise so close to the end of the game. He didn’t care how silly it seemed now. She wasn’t going to force his hand.
Lena took a step back, but she came up short against the counter top. “Oops.”
Zack stopped and wrapped his hands around her small waist. He felt the soft flesh under his hands and ached. “Been a crazy week, hasn’t it?”
“Mmm,” she murmured, gazing into his eyes with an openness about to bring him to his knees. “Thank you, by the way.”
He frowned. “For what?”
She shrugged. “I don’t know yet.” Then she leaned in, pressed her lips softly to his. Her arms circled him, warming him with her embrace. He let her lead, and she took him down the road of no return, coaxing his mouth open with the wet glide of her tongue.
He drew her closer with trembling hands. Every perfect curve molded against him. His hands explored her rib cage, and he found the underside of her breasts with his thumbs. He softened his touch, caressing her as the kiss went deeper and deeper. The taste of her drove him on until he had to break free in order to breathe.
“Lena,” he whispered, tracing small kisses over her lips, her cheek, and down her neck. The need for her grew, every muscle tensed with the passion of her touch. He lifted her and set her on the counter at her back.
With the last thread of sanity, he held tightly to the edge of the counter and stepped back—taking the space he needed. He was already out of breath, already so far gone. He looked into her eyes, saw the same frantic desire mirrored there.
She placed her hands gently against his skin and ran cool, competent fingers over his forearms, the touch sending shivers through him.
“I never needed anyone like I need you,” he admitted.
“How did this happen?”
He laughed. “Is it so bad, that we want each other?”
Slowly, she shook her head. “No. I never thought I had a chance with you, Zack. I—”
“Did you write those letters?”
He shrugged, pulled the pins from her hair, and his breath caught in his throat as it spilled over his hands and covered her shoulders. He drove his hands through the thick, silky length. “I could tell you, but—”
“Then you’d have to kill me?”
He left more kisses from her ear to her shoulder. She didn’t object, merely tilted her head to one side to give him better access.
“Something like that.”

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Teaser Tuesday - Amber's Mysterious Death

Genre - mystery, romance, chick lit, cozy mystery
Heat Level - Sweet
Sexual Orientation - m/f


The game's afoot when Sheryl Locke Holmes spots Amber's husband, Roger, who’d disappeared without a trace after Amber's tragic death. With the help of her sidekick, Dot Watson, Sheryl follows Roger and a trail of amber jewelry which leads to duplicity, mayhem and murder. As different as day and night, Sheryl, Dot and Amber bonded like sisters during college. Their friend's death left unanswered questions and an unidentifiable body. This time Sheryl won't stop until she gets answers—and avenges her friend’s death.


With the next flash of light, Sheryl caught a glimpse of a familiar face and gasped. Oh my God. It couldn’t be. She had to have been wrong.
Disoriented, she stumbled backward, bumped her hip into the corner of the desk, and fell to the floor. When she tried to get to her feet, she cracked her head on the desk. Stars whirled in front of her eyes, alternating with that face she'd seen. She blinked and blinked to stop the kaleidoscope whizzing around. But the next flash came and she saw no one. Thunder rumbled, lightning lit up the heavens and the windows.
Suddenly, a dark figure stepped out of the shadows and ran across the room.
Dot gasped.
Before Sheryl could give chase to the person dressed in dark clothes, the overhead light came on and Roger stood at the doorway. She glanced around the room. Now, Dot was nowhere in sight.
“I knew you’d come,” Roger said.
“Where have you been the last couple of years?”
“You need to let this vendetta go and move on. I did.” He also looked around the library.
“Amber was one of my dearest friends. I want to know who murdered her.”
“Don’t underestimate these people.”
“Who, Roger? God knows you don’t have the balls or the brains to have done that to Amber. Tell me who?” She watched a wave of crimson creep up his neck.
“I tried my best to protect her.” He sat down in the desk chair and sighed. “It’s true, it’s my fault she was murdered. They wouldn’t listen to me.”

Sheryl studied the liar. “Who, Roger?” 

Want to read more?  Head over to Amazon and get your copy for $2.99

About C.L. Exline - 
Cassie L. Exline (C.L. Exline) was born in the South and raised in the North. When her Rebel-Yankee creative juices kick in, readers are in for a real treat.
Enjoy a romantic yet mysterious journey through the labyrinth of Exline’s imagination, while enjoying a chuckle or two.

Working at a small town newspaper, dealing with just the facts, drove her to writing fiction.
Her first stories were erotic and published at Ruthie's Club, the Erotic Woman, Erotic Bookworm, and Justus Roux. Her first ebook was also erotic and earned her Book of the Week honors.
Currently she has the Sheryl Locke Holmes Mystery Series, published by Wild Child Publishing, available at Wild Child, Amazon and Barnes & Noble. The four book series consists of Amber's Mysterious Death, Ruby's Deadly Secret, Opal's Disappearance and Dragon's Pearl. Gemstones are used as a name of a character in each book. Whether said character lives or dies, well ... explore the possibilities.

Blog: http://cassieexline.blogspot.com
Twitter: @CassieExline
FaceBook: http://facebook.com/cassie.exline
Goodreads: goodreads.com/cassieexline

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Music Monday with Author Renee Reynolds

Today we get to meet Author Renee Reynolds as she shares her musical inspiration for her historical romance - A Marquis For All Seasons.  Loved her family history AND her music choices!  I know you will too.  Enjoy!

To explain what music means to me, I need to tell you a bit about my family.  My mother sang for The Metropolitan Opera and my brother played in The United States Navy Band.  My husband is a crazy-talented musician, playing five instruments.  He also sings and has perfect pitch.  My children all play a musical instrument.

And then there's me.  I have no personal musical talent or calling.  I neither play an instrument nor sing with any particular skill.  My mother gave up teaching me piano when she realized I was memorizing the fingering rather than reading the music notes.  Not to brag, but I can still play Für Elise, Chariots of Fire, and the theme to Hill Street Blues.  Still can't read a note of them, though.

I am, however, quite expert at listening to music.  I enjoy just about every style, from classical to punk, opera to hip-hop, and everything in between.  It doesn't hurt that my childhood occurred during the best decade for music, in my opinion - the 80s.  Music is always playing in my house, my car, and even my backyard.

My latest release, A Marquis For All Seasons, tells the story of Lady Miranda, who balks at the expectation she marry sooner rather than later, and Lord Stafford, who chafes at his (sometimes) overwhelming responsibilities to title and family.  Together they decide to fool their families into thinking they are in love in the hopes of staving off the inevitable for just a little while longer.  Shenanigans ensue.

It seems perfectly natural to me that the characters I dream up are accompanied by their own soundtracks.  Sometimes I hear a song that inspires a scene or reaction in a character, and other times I write a scene that reminds me of a song.  It works both ways.  As my genre is historical romance, I naturally hear symphonies and orchestras while penning party and dance scenes.  I especially love Beethoven - Symphony No. 6 (Pastorale) and Mozart - Piano Sonata 9.  But that's about as “old fashioned” as the music gets.  My characters are as independent as the time period allows, intelligent and fun-loving.  Cue the back beat, baby.

My heroine, Lady Miranda, is strong yet feminine.  She occasionally goes too far but always reels herself back, and when she fell in love, she was completely blindsided.  Kelly Clarkson's song Miss Independent really epitomized her character.  I also played songs like Pink - Don't Let Me Get Me and Alicia Keys - Girl on Fire when writing her scenes.

Lord Stafford made me channel my 80s roots a bit more.  He's tough on the outside, marshmallow on the inside.  Some songs he made me listen to: The Jesus and Mary Chain - Head On, Eagles - The Long Run, and Nelly - Just a Dream.

This couple smooths out each other's rough edges.  He reins in her impulsiveness while she helps him loosen up and enjoy life.  Their story drew me to blast songs such as Coldplay - Us Against the World, Christina Perri - A Thousand Years, and Colbie Caillat - Bubbly.

When I write, the words and characters play out like scenes from a movie in my mind.  And like any well-rounded movie, those scenes have a little something extra in the background that sets the tone, amps up the feelings, and conveys the mood: music.

About A Marquis For All Seasons - 

Book Title: A Marquis For All Seasons 
Genre: Historical Fiction/Romance 
Heat Level: Sensual 
Sexual Orientation: M/F 
Content Warnings: Mild expletives

Blurb - 

Lady Miranda Leighton and the Marquis of Stafford, Roman de Courtenay, have a similar problem: their families want them to find a spouse. Together they hatch the perfect scheme: in Society, he will play escort to Lady Miranda and his sister, but for their families, they will pretend an attachment, all in pursuit of one last season of unencumbered entertainment. Yet, in each other's constant company, they find their ruse giving rise to some surprisingly very real feelings. What happens when you set out to fool Society, but only end up fooling yourselves? 

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